1st  Dolan's Ch, Sh Ch, Int Ch & Int Sh Ch Cilleigne Finn Mac Cumaill At Grovelands
        (Setter Irish Red & White) 36pts
        Loughlin's Sh Ch Rohanmor Along Came Polly Jun Ch (Setter Irish) 36pts

3rd  Canty's Ch Megacant Ceannaire (Irish Terrier) 33pts
4th  Grant-Hemmings & Hemmings' GB Ch Courtington Ten Sovereigns (Irish Terrier) 16pts
        O'Regan's Brykar Night Of Thunder (Kerry Blue Terrier)

6th  Ellrich's Gwendariff Absolutely Marwell'us (Setter Irish) 14pts   

7th  Tomasovicova's Uluru Roan Inish (Irish Wolfhound) 13pts
8th  Cullen's Ch Feorish Bran Jun Ch (Irish Wolfhound) 11pts
        Delaney's Carliams Little Joey (Irish Terrier) 11pts         

10th Allen's Sh Ch Talintyre Winter Starlight At Killora (Setter Irish Red & White) 10pts

11th Mullen's Ure My Tullamore Nanouks Happy Home (Irish Wolfhound) 9pts
12th Kealy's Ch Dalstar The Real Mccoy Jun Ch (Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) 8pts  
         Toms' Sh Ch Toberbilly I Wish You Luck Jun Ch (Setter Irish) 8pts
14th Hurley's Ravensring Buachaill Achadh Deo (Kerry Beagle) 7pts
15th Busby's GB Ch Stanegate Leading Role At Zakby (Spaniel Irish Water) 6pts
         Finney's Gulliagh Piaf (Irish Wolfhound) 6pts
         Williamson's Dingleblue Joey Blackcross Jun Ch (Kerry Blue Terrier) 6pts 

18th Breslin's Gwendariff Ur Off Ur Trolley At CúilCúan (Setter Irish) 5pts
         Murray's Stanegate Spirit Fiadh (Spaniel Irish Water) 5pts
20th Brady's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Forfarian Red Or Dead At Ballydavid (Setter Irish) 4pts
         Canty's Megacant Féileacáin (Irish Terrier) 4pts 
         Donnelly's Sh Ch Forfarian Mind Yer Manners (Setter Irish) 4pts
         Martin's Clanciarrai Aria (Kerry Blue Terrier) 4pts
         O'Keeffe's Calcara Anu (Irish Wolfhound) 4pts
         Rigney's Arigna Alone She Stands (Kerry Blue Terrier) 4pts
         Walker's Glenachall Nudge The Judge (Kerry Blue Terrier) 4pts
27th Delmar's Ch Torums Kings Gambit (Kerry Blue Terrier) 3pts
         Grüttner's Gordon Vom Obersten Holz (Irish Terrier) 3pts
         Hanna's Ch Kinaelan Kilmore (Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) 3pts
         O'Regan's Brykar Wild Wood (Kerry Blue Terrier) 3pts
         Reardon's Edrakk Of Shantmon (Irish Wolfhound) 3pts
         Smyth's Lynnsto Dark Days Gaelgorm (Kerry Blue Terrier) 3pts
         Toms' Ladysdale Maud Gonne Jun Ch (Setter Irish) 3pts 
         Williamson's Rathasker Poker Face Blackcross Jun Ch (Kerry Blue Terrier) 3pts   
35th Finney's Recamier Du Grand Chein De Culann (Irish Wolfhound) 2pts
         Mcnally's GCHG Ch Abberrann Whiskey Your're The Devil By Galore (Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier) 2pts
         White's Ch & GB Ch Abberann Cosmic Cowboy (Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier) 2pts
38th Finney's Gulliagh Troyat (Irish Wolfhound) 1pt
         McGloin's Inishmurray Lady In Red (Irish Terrier) 1pt
         Sterritt's Sh Ch Corranroo Just One Kiss With Riversett (Setter Irish) 1pt        
         White's Galore Victory Royale Of Abberann (Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier) 1pt

Native Breeds Leaderboard
Cloghran (32)