1st  Keenan's Ch Sleepybrook Go Ur Own Way
(Poodle Medium) 225pts

2nd Connolly's Ch Ashmair Summer Romance (Bichon Frise) 125pts

3rd  Newman & Carroll's Ch Eryanto's The Great Guinness
(Papillon) 110pts

4th  Minogue's Ch Byrmin Double D Jun Ch (French Bulldog) 100pts

5th  Gibson's Multi Ch Virtulvilage Fred A Stare (Shih Tzu) 95pts

6th O'Neill's Trendylook Simply Streisand (Pekingese) 85pts        

7th  Burns & Coghlan's Jap Ch Smash Jp Fair Trade (Poodle Toy) 80pts
8th  James' GB Ch Afterglow Karaoke (Poodle Toy) 70pts
       O'Neill's Trendylook Clinton Bugatti (Pekingese) 70pts 

10th Hayes' Ch Akaki Tajomeer Avec Marpetra (Tibetan Terrier) 65pts
11th Jackson & White's Ch Benatone Gold Rock (Maltese) 60pts
        O Sullivan's Ch Afterglow Algernon Jun Ch (Poodle Toy) 60pts
        White's Ch Benatone Platinum Jubilee Jun Ch (Maltese) 60pts
14th Fallon's Ch Clodana Florentine Jun Ch (Pug) 55pts
        Jenkins & Jago's Bentarsna Lord Corlys (Lhasa Apso) 55pts
        O'Brien's Gallantib's Oslo (Tibetan Spaniel) 55pts
17th Bowles-Robinson's Ch Baldragon Shoots He Scores
(King Charles Spaniel) 45pts
        Horner's Ch Cotonbrie Perfect Tulipano (Coton de Tulear) 45pts
        Newman & Carroll's Ch Candygolds Queenie For Denemore
(Papillon) 45pts
20th McMorrow & Martin's Ch & GB Ch Ray Wonder Of Love Jun Ch
(Maltese) 40pts
        Mooney's Kaylen's Trumpet At Talltales (Chinese Crested) 40pts
        Pinkasevych's Devikangio Chester Brown (French Bulldog) 40pts
23rd Corrigan's Ch Zecudas Bullseye (Pug) 35pts
        O Regan's Ch Blevwil Agatha At Annadouns (Havanese) 35pts
25th Grogan & Irvine's Ch & Am Ch Wysteria Fabel-Mi- Celtic Dragon
(Japanese Chin) 30pts
        Martin's Ch Brenbeach Irish Chiertian At Glencross
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 30pts
27th Fallon's Clodana Fortune Cookie Jun Ch (Pug) 25pts
        Fallon's Ch Pipistrelle Dutch The Hot Rocket Jun Ch (Papillon) 25pts
        Fierka's Ch Swan Sensation Obsession (Poodle Miniature) 25pts
        Hurley's Lahume Major Fin Lay (Tibetan Spaniel) 25pts
        Gault & Stanley's Ch Moonwhispers Grand Slam (Pekingese) 25pts
        Mckenna's Chantico's Tiny Dancer (Chihuahua Long Coat) 25pts
        Mills' Ashaka Come To Bed Eyes (Japanese Chin) 25pts
        O Flaherty's Pleasantnook Black Knight (Pug) 25pts
        Timms & Henderson's Hr Ch Eastonite Maui (French Bulldog) 25pts 
36th Connolly's Multi Ch Arbens Epic Swag Of Los Perritos
(Havanese) 20pts
        Corrigan's Ch Buzleo Hukuna Matata (Pug) 20pts
        Dowty's Multi Ch Othello Matteo (Bolognese) 20pts
        Gault & Stanley's Moonwhispers Steel Magnolia (Pekingese) 20pts
        Gibson's Virtulvilage Two Tu Tango (Shih Tzu) 20pts
        Howe's VDM Frenchies Victorious Jun Ch (French Bulldog) 20pts
        O'Brien's Mullagh Susie Sue (Tibetan Spaniel) 20pts
43rd Beattie's Ch Branstock For The Real Deal (Bichon Frise) 15pts
        Brien's Milbethan Dark Side Of The Moon At Glishanna
(Tibetan Spaniel) 15pts
        Campbell's Ch Lisvarna Bossy Boots Jun Ch (Boston Terrier) 15pts
        Frear's Ch Ballymourne Mattony's Magic Jun Ch (Havanese) 15pts 
        Keegan's Blevwil His Royal Highness At Pankoo (Pekingese) 15pts
        Scanlon's Cliffmeadow Into The Mystic (Tibetan Terrier) 15pts
        Wall's Ch Volgarus Clarence Clarity Jun Ch (Poodle Medium) 15pts
50th Burns & Coghlan's Grayco Day Dreamer (Poodle Toy) 10pts
        Campbell's Lisvarna La Belle (Boston Terrier) 10pts
        Dunne's Moonshadowdream Girl (Bichon Frise) 10pts
        Fletcher's Ashaka Tickle My Walnuts (Japanese Chin) 10pts
        Gleave's GB Ch Montravia Enchanted Code By Ryneco
(Poodle Standard) 10pts
        Kotani's Ch Rathbrist Whatchulookinat
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 10pts
        Lappin's Star Griff Only I Am Dalvik (Griffon Bruxellois) 10pts
        Lloyd's Montrabella Kiss Kiss (Lhasa Apso) 10pts
        Murphy's Afterglow Finger Of Fudge (Poodle Toy) 10pts


Group 9 - Legacy Leaderboard
Dublin (33)