1st  Archibald's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Abinvale Arrieta
(Retriever Golden) 240pts

2nd Boardman's Ch & Am Ch Riverwood Silhouette Fast Forward
(Spaniel American Cocker) 160pts

3rd  Fahey & Shire's Ch Anakin Skywalker Nadarium
(Portuguese Water Dog) 110pts

4th  Prior & Douglas' Sh Ch Lucy Lu Jun Ch
(Spaniel American Cocker) 95pts

5th  Savage's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Weisford Guilty As Sin
(Retriever Golden) 85pts

6th  Knapp's Sh Ch Templecarrig Storm Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 80pts
7th  Arrell's Eald Stone Calf With Heaphen (Spaniel Sussex) 75pts
       Douglas’ Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Talard Cee Three Pee Ohh Jun Ch
(Retriever Labrador) 75pts
       Stevenson's GB Sh Ch Plainfire's The Captain Of My Heart
       Is Steelriver
(Retriever Flat Coated) 75pts

10th Hodge's GB Sh Ch Naiken East Meets West
(Retriever Labrador) 65pts

11th Benson's Ch Zorrazo Quite A Chunky Hunk At Bernervalley
(Spanish Water Dog) 70pts
12th McLoughlin's Bencleuch Build The Dream (Spaniel Cocker) 60pts
        Moran's Bitcon Black Smith (Retriever Flat Coated) 60pts        
        South & Reck's Sh Ch Roslieve Rolling In The Deep
(Retriever Labrador) 60pts    

15th Kauhanen's Int Ch Honeywater's Catch Of The Day
(Spaniel Cocker) 50pts 

16th Hodge's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Naiken Elite Envoy Jun Ch
(Retriever Labrador) 45pts

17th Donaldson's Sh Ch Chicomy's Rumour Has It Jun Ch
(Spaniel American Cocker) 40pts
        Killeen's Cashallie National Trust Of Lisvella
(Retriever Labrador) 40pts
        Murray's Sea'nland Master Of The Sea For Riverrun
(Retriever Chesapeake Bay) 40pts
20th Murray's Rathcloon Highways N Byways (Retriever Golden) 35pts
        Nugent's Hustonia Yokohama (Spaniel Cocker) 35pts
22nd Brennan's GB Ch Covenant Celtic Prince Of Kerrijoy
(Spaniel Cocker) 30pts
         Hodge's GB Sh Ch Naiken Etoile (Retriever Labrador) 30pts
         Moran's Sh Ch Clonabay Time To Return To Woodmore
(Retriever Golden) 30pts
25th Brennan's Covenant Celtic Baroness Of Kerrijoy
(Spaniel Cocker) 25pts
        Brennan's Kerrijoy Maserati (Spaniel Cocker) 25pts
        Cummins' Sh Ch Penrose Réalta Ériu Jun Ch
(Retriever Chesapeake Bay) 25pts
        Cunliffe's Sh Ch Calvdale I Say Of Fallenleaf
(Spaniel English Springer) 25pts
        Harrison's Arcticbreeze New Sensation (Lagotto Romagnolo) 25pts
        Jackson & Wright's Glamour Shine Adrenaline Rush At Lacsar
(Retriever Flat Coated) 25pts
        Knapp's Sh Ch Star Dancer At Templecarrig Jun Ch
(Spaniel English Springer) 25pts
        Maguire's Bencleuch Before The Storm (Spaniel Cocker) 25pts
        O'Connor's Sh Ch Lacsar What Ales You
(Retriever Flat Coated) 25pts
        O'Donoghue's Sh Ch Philipstown La Paloma
(Retriever Labrador) 25pts
        Reynolds' Arrowmoy Madame Butterfly (Retriever Labrador) 25pts
        Savage's Sh Ch Rathcloon Cookie Crumble At Weisford
(Retriever Golden) 25pts
        Savage's Weisford Presumed Innocent (Retriever Golden) 25pts
38th Andersson's Fr Ch & Int Sh Ch Obladi Oblada Du Domaine
        Kerarzic Vilin
(Spaniel Cocker) 20pts
        Arrell's Sh Ch Laveris Night Hawk Over Heaphen
(Spaniel Cocker) 20pts
        Busby's GB Ch Stanegate Leading Role At Zakby
(Spaniel Irish Water) 20pts
        Haplin's Sh Ch & Int Sh Ch Moonlone Harvester Jun Ch
(Spaniel Welsh Springer) 20pts
        Kelly's Fairwinds In Motion With Zenevieva
(Retriever Golden) 20pts
        Kelly's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Ramchaine You Spin Me Right Round
        In Zenevieva
(Retriever Golden) 20pts
        Murray's Stanegate Spirit Fiadh (Spaniel Irish Water) 20pts
        O'Donoghue's Surprise For Philipstown (Retriever Labrador) 20pts
        Worsley's Bushbane Nightingale (Retriever Golden) 20pts
47th Ennis Van Maren & Van Maren's Nl Ch Ramchaine Shake Your
        Tail Feather
(Retriever Golden) 15pts
        Knapp's Sh Ch Templecarrig High Hope
(Spaniel English Springer) 15pts
        O Dwyer's Overthefence Wait For Me (Retriever Labrador) 15pts
        South & Reck's Roslieve Simply The Best
(Retriever Labrador) 15pts
51st Hodge's Naiken Glass Slippers (Retriever Labrador) 10pts
        Kenyon's Can Ch Wulymut's Raw Shuga For Larry (Barbet) 10pts
        Matthews' Mrs Puff Of Gentle Mind (Lagotto Romagnolo) 10pts
        McCullagh's Tobershan C'est La Vie (Spaniel Cocker) 10pts
        McLoughlin's Parcroft One And Only (Spaniel Cocker) 10pts
        Waetjen's Sh Ch Philipstown Lexington Jun Ch
(Retriever Labrador) 10pts


Group 8 - Legacy Leaderboard
Dublin (33)