Group 7 - Legacy Leaderboard
Cloghran (32)
1st  Cummings' Sh Ch Hipoint Foreign Affair With Sevenhills Jun Ch (Pointer) 405pts

2nd Taggart's Sh Ch Oakswarren Lightnin' Strike For Cooley Jun Ch (Hungarian Vizsla) 230pts

3rd  Loughlin's Sh Ch Rohanmor Along Came Polly Jun Ch (Setter Irish) 185pts

4th  Mckiernan's Ch Bushbane Celtic Rant (Setter English) 135pts
5th  Gettings' Sh Ch Beechillawn Raspberry Sorbet Jun Ch (German Wire Haired Pointer) 125pts
       Mervyn's Tomanipoint Confide In Me Jun Ch (German Short Haired Pointer) 125pts

7th  Connolly's Sh Ch & Aust Ch Greywei Wasn't Me At Huntly (Weimaraner Long Haired) 105pts 

8th  Ellrich's Gwendariff Absolutely Marwell'us (Setter Irish) 95pts 

9th  Park, Hough & Kelly's Ladysdale Scottie McGregor (Setter Gordon) 75pts
10th Kenneally & Jones' Sh Ch & Int Ch Le Havre Marseille To Minama Jun Ch (Spaniel Brittany) 65pts
        Nugent's Sh Ch Callanbanks Dervlas Dream (Weimaraner) 65pts 
12th Burnside's Ch Owlspoint Makin Trouble (Bracco Italiano) 60pts
        Dolan's Ch, Sh Ch, Int Ch & Int Sh Ch Cilleigne Finn Mac Cumaill At Grovelands
(Setter Irish Red & White) 60pts

14th Pankova's Clos Erasmus Bourbon Street (Setter Gordon) 55pts

15th Gettings' Sh Ch Beechillawn Mint Chip Jun Ch (German Wire Haired Pointer) 50pts

16th Brady's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Forfarian Red Or Dead At Ballydavid (Setter Irish) 35pts
17th Caffrey's Sh Ch Dianas Argentum Danika At Weidovan Jun Ch (Weimaraner) 30pts
        Gorrian & Henry's Border Reiver With Querdon (Portugese Pointing Dog) 30pts
19th Burnside's Ch Rom Libertta Bumble Bee (Pointer) 25pts
        Creighton's Gunalt Insider (Weimaraner) 25pts
        Donnelly's Sh Ch Forfarian Mind Yer Manners (Setter Irish) 25pts
22nd Carty's Ch Gamerights Phoenix From The Flame (Setter English) 20pts
         Cozens' Sh Ch Van De Witthemhoeve Shelby At Ballyadeen (Italian Spinone) 20pts
         Cummings & Lawless' Sh Ch, GB & Int Sh Ch Kanix Kroner At Sevenhills Jun Ch (Pointer) 20pts
         Gorrian & Henry's Sh Ch Fab Point Relight The Fire (Portugese Pointing Dog) 20pts
         Mckiernan's GB Sh Ch Bushbane Celtic Banter (Setter English) 20pts
         Moffatt's Sh Ch Paddockpoint Absoluut (Portugese Pointing Dog) 20pts
         Philpott & Lewis' It Sh Ch Larnfield Linesman From Rivertone (Weimaraner) 20pts
29th Allen's Sh Ch Talintyre Winter Starlight At Killora (Setter Irish Red & White) 15pts
        Cummings' Sh Ch Glenariff Black Tomato At Sevenhills (Pointer) 15pts
        Kelly's Empress Elois Danitty At Risley (Hungarian Vizsla) 15pts
        Toms' Sh Ch Toberbilly I Wish You Luck Jun Ch (Setter Irish) 15pts
33rd Breslin's Gwendariff Ur Off Ur Trolley At CĂșilCĂșan (Setter Irish) 10pts
        Burnside's Quajalosh Porthos (Bracco Italiano) 10pts
        Byrnes' Magregor Shoot For The Moon At Lackyle (German Short Haired Pointer) 10pts
        Loughlin's Sage De Chez Maurice (Picardy Spaniel) 10pts
        Mckew's GB Sh Ch Liatroim Jade At Gunnershill (Large Munsterlander) 10pts
        Wilson's Ravensett Giovanni (Setter English) 10pts