1st O'Neill's GB Ch Geilsaven Suzie Que (American Akita) 380pts

2nd Newman & Carroll's Belliver The Lost Boy For Toybox 
(Pomeranian) 240pts

3rd  O'Neill's GB Ch Geilsaven Diddley Bo (American Akita) 220pts

4th  Behan's Ch & Int Ch Finn Mc Cool De Los Perros De Bigo
       At Mingfield Jun Ch
(Chow Chow) 175pts
5th  Newman & Carroll's Belliver Peter Pan For Toybox
(Pomeranian) 150pts
       O'Neill's Geilsaven Toote Sweet (American Akita) 150pts

7th  Keeling's Ch Kishdigra Smooth Operator
(Alaskan Malamute) 140pts   

8th  Duggan's Winter Melody Omg Another Drama
(Siberian Husky) 120pts

9th  O'Donoghue & Mulley's Ch Litlar's Niju Parmezan
(Pharaoh Hound) 115pts

10th O Callaghan & Russell's Ruthdales Born To Win
(American Akita) 110pts
11th Giedraitiene's Atlanticbreeze Babe Ruth (Siberian Husky) 95pts
        Jackson & Wright's Ch & Int Ch Lacsar Twix Up His Sleeve
        Jun Ch
(Japanese Shiba Inu) 95pts       

13th Duffus' Ch & Int Ch Radost Zhizni Winter Fairy Jun Ch
(Samoyed) 85pts

14th Newman & Carroll's Ch & GB Ch Lireva's The Power And Glory
(Pomeranian) 70pts
15th Anderson's Ch Glamglow's Emerald Charm (Japanese Spitz) 60pts 
        McKittrick's Ch Graythor Loves The Elara At Cnocnoir
(Norwegian Elkhound) 60pts
        Taylor's Dancing Queen Mi.Li.Pa. Kennel At Taylorian Jun Ch
(Chow Chow) 60pts
18th Bannon & Carroll's Ch Cannonbar Hunk A Burning Love
(American Akita) 55pts 
        Frost's Ch Trelowen Aviator Jun Ch (Norwegian Buhund) 55pts
        Minogue's Onahime Del Lago Baikal (Japanese Shiba Inu) 55pts
        Walker's Lueldar Ready To Rumble (Alaskan Malamute) 55pts

22nd Sterritt's Kynoch Walking On Sunshine With Reversett Jun Ch
(Samoyed) 50pts

23rd Keeling's Kishdigra The Criminals Kiss (Alaskan Malamute) 45pts
24th Keeling's Ch Kishdigra Fallen Angel Jun Ch
(Alaskan Malamute) 35pts
        Keogh's Ch & Int Ch Torrikees Wings Of A Dove (Keeshond) 35pts
26th Kapic's Inyabu Cheeky Fireball At Nymeria Jun Ch
(Siberian Husky) 25pts
        Keeling's Kishdigra Beautiful Dreamer (Alaskan Malamute) 25pts
        Walker's Ch Saorian Cubby Bear Of Lueldar
(Japanese Spitz) 25pts     
29th Giedraitiene's Multi Ch Kristari's Master Of Victory Jun Ch
(Siberian Husky) 20pts
        Knippenborg's Nl Ch Sequins Jamar (Basenji) 20pts 
        O'Leary's Ch Cadasaro Keep The Faith (German Spitz Mittel) 20pts
        Sammon's Ch Lacsar Beware Of Darkness
(Japanese Shiba Inu) 20pts
       Trasler's Ch Dobri's Im Coming For You (Basenji) 20pts
34th Bailey's Multi Ch Qimugta Judas By Akna
(Canadian Eskimo Dog) 15pts
        Bannon & Carroll's Cannonbar Orinocoflow (American Akita) 15pts
        Campbell's Kuanyin Fantom Menace (Chow Chow) 15pts
        Hall's Ch Afilador Wheal Grace (Ibizan Hound) 15pts
        Kelly's Ch Eriksfjord Idun Kharisma At Jappmar
(Swedish Vallhund) 15pts
        McKittrick's Ch Graythor Loves The Elara At Cnocanoir
(Norwegian Elkhound) 15pts
        O Callaghan & Russell's Soul Of Alaska Bring Action For
(Alaskan Malamute) 15pts
41st Bethell & Roden's Ch Cyrenensis Lucia Franca At Minforst (
        Cirneco dell'Etna) 10pts
        Campbell's Kuanyin Junzi (Chow Chow) 10pts
        Duggan's Ch, Int & Dutch Ch Leorient Flying Solo Jun Ch
(Siberian Husky) 10pts
        Frost's Fabrajs Your Obedient Sevant Mr Burr Jun Ch
(Norwegian Buhund) 10pts
        Jackson & Wright's Lacsar Tic Tac Tayto
(Japanese Shiba Inu) 10pts
        Newman & Carroll's Belliver Sequins And Sparkles For Toybox
(Pomeranian) 10pts
        Taylor's Ch & GB Ch Taylorian Star Attraction Jun Ch
(Chow Chow) 10pts
        Trasler's Bahaticca's Texas Hold'em At Dobri (Basenji) 10pts


Group 5 - GAIN Winners
Dublin (33)