1st  Mcalpine's Ch Lampcien Stud Muffin
(L/H Kaninchen) 235pts

2nd Weir's Ch Ambreglo Robyn (S/H Kaninchen) 195pts

3rd  Ames' Ch Glenariff Saffron Spice At Sharnor (S/H Min) 155pts
       Mcdonnell's Ch Smartdac Aciri Storm (L/H Min) 155pts

5th  Boyle's Ch & GB Ch Zarcrest See In Red (L/H Min) 145pts

6th  Patton's Ch Lesandnic Sovereign Jun Ch (W/H) 100pts
7th  Egan's Ch Cavallibrook Final Tango With Ryhars Jun Ch
(L/H) 95pts 
       O'Gorman's Ch Brian Boru Of Karma's Legacy (W/H) 95pts

9th  Reynolds' Glenariff Xtraordinaire (S/H Min) 90pts

10th Crowley's Ch Nikola Of Donnamarc (S/H) 80pts 

11th Ames' Sharnor Spicy Cinnamon (S/H Min) 75pts
12th North-Row & Martin's Ch Sail On Sailor To Full Circle (W/H) 70pts

13th Mcalpine's Ch Lampcien Fridget Bridget (L/H Kaninchen) 55pts        
14th Bastable's Chrishane Piledriver Jun Ch (S/H Min) 50pts
        Whitehouse's Gralinn Sunshine Dancer (W/H Min) 50pts 
16th Patton's Ch Vandor-Vadasz Banya Jun Ch (W/H Min) 45pts
        Reynolds' Ch, Nl & Mal Ch Hacienda Better Tell Dad (S/H) 45pts
18th Bastable's Ch Chrishane Enable Jun Ch (S/H Min) 40pts
        Reynolds' Ch Cwndarhian San Domenico Of Glenariff (S/H) 40pts

20th Daly's Smartdac Russian Roulette (L/H Min) 35pts
21st Allen & O'Connor's Tramarddachs Albastors Box (S/H) 25pts
        Crowley's Olivia Of Donnamark (S/H) 25pts
        Finney's Zucherissimo Vitoraz (W/H Min) 25pts
        Fleming' Cwmdarhian Celtic Exchange With Glenariff (L/H Min) 25pts
        Gaskin's Ch Dovestream Who Killkenny (S/H) 25pts
        Morrison's Russteck All Eyes On Me (W/H Min) 25pts
        Reynolds' Glenariff Xavier (S/H Min) 25pts
28th Ames' Belize Rudè (L/H) 20pts
        Boydell's Orange Sunrise JC (L/H Kaninchen) 20pts
        Gaskin's Hampdach I Am The One And Only At Dovestream (S/H) 20pts
        Mcdonnell's Smartdac Black Is Back (L/H Min) 20pts
        Weir's Ch Ambreglo Ember Jun Ch (S/H Min) 20pts
        Wheatland's Sweet Molly Malone For Pinedax Della Parda (S/H) 20pts
34th Ames' Ch Swansford Archerdor At Sharnor (L/H) 15pts
        Finney's Ch Gulliagh Stroopwafel Jun Ch (W/H Kaninchen) 15pts
        Lappin's Ch & GB Ch Cedavoch Sweetest Taboo (L/H) 15pts
        Mcalpine's Ralines Keepsake Lampcien (L/H Min) 15pts
        Mcdonnell's Zarcrest Black Gammon Via Smartdac (L/H Min) 15pts
        Midgley's Ch Jemdach Mystic Quartz Jun Ch (S/H Min) 15pts
        O'meara's Ch Ballinacorbeg Think Tank (S/H Min) 15pts
        Stewart's The Bomblet Of Bobidax (S/H Kaninchen) 15pts
42nd Davison's Meetinghouse Magyarr (W/H Min) 10pts
Bratenklein Tochter Aus Elysium (W/H Kaninchen) 10pts
         Moore's Rickanndach Mountain High (L/H Min) 10pts
         Patton's Ch Lesandnic Lil Eetee Jun Ch (W/H) 10pts
         Patton's Ch Lesandnic Ludovic Jun Ch (W/H) 10pts



Group 4 - Legacy Leaderboard
Dublin (33)