1st  Wojciechowski's Ch Coxgal Erin Go
(Bull Terrier Miniature) 305pts

2nd Canty's Ch Megacant Ceannaire
(Irish Terrier) 240pts

3rd  Corcoran's Ch Molru The Navigator Jun Ch
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 230pts

4th  O'Regan's Ch Brykar Night Of Thunder
(Kerry Blue Terrier) 180pts

5th  O`Donaghue`s Ch Blackdale Regent
(Fox Terrier Wire Haired) 130pts
6th  Dunne's Multi Ch Krisbos Just Do It
(Jack Russell Terrier) 100pts
       Williamson's Dingleblue Joey Blackcross
       Jun Ch
(Kerry Blue Terrier) 100pts

8th  Aiken's Ch Slievecroob Gretna Green
(Scottish Terrier) 85pts

9th  Barry's Ch Winnie Od Guvernera
(Welsh Terrier) 80pts
10th Delmar's Ch Torums Kings Gambit
(Kerry Blue Terrier) 65pts
        Hogarty's Ch Cadagio Another Day In
(Cairn Terrier) 65pts
12th Armstrong's Ch Benattivo Woody At
(Border Terrier) 60pts
        Gregg's Ch, GB & Int Ch Bambusa So
(Airedale Terrier) 60pts
        Hemmings & Grant-Hemmings'
GB Ch Courtington Ten Sovereigns
(Irish Terrier) 60pts
15th Barry's Cool Od Guvernera
(Welsh Terrier) 50pts
        Byrnes' Ch Lackyle Realta Loiscneach
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 50pts
        Byrnes' Lackyle Trodai Tine
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 50pts
        Delmar's Ch & Int Ch Shillelagh Bewitched
(Fox Terrier Smooth Haired) 50pts  
19th Daly & Waddell's Ch & GB Ch Fennekin
        Dancing Queen At Thornberryhall
(Sealyham Terrier) 45pts   
        Delaney's Ch Jet Aire's Infinity
(Airedale Terrier) 45pts
        Hogarty's Ch Cadagio Your One Of Us
(Cairn Terrier) 45pts
        Walker's Glenachall Nudge The Judge (
        Kerry Blue Terrier) 45pts
23rd Delaney's Carliams Little Joey
(Irish Terrier) 40pts
        Leonard & Smit-Kammerbeek's
NL Ch Lucia's Dream Solar Pretty
(Scottish Terrier) 40pts
        Lowndes' Taylortay Dolomite Meabh De
(Border Terrier) 40pts
26th Boyd's Lamberhurst Lady Helen
(Fox Terrier Wire Haired) 35pts
        Byrnes' Ch Lackyle Bean Aintbheartach
        Jun Ch
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 35pts
        Cox's Ch Yanni House Black Russian At
(Bull Terrier Miniature) 35pts
29th Boyd's Burrebcroft All That Jazz
(Fox Terrier Wire Haired) 25pts
        Broaders' Brookside Black Jack
(Lakeland Terrier) 25pts
        Martin's Clanciarrai Aria
(Kerry Blue Terrier) 25pts
32nd Ames, McCusker & O'Prey's Fioralainn
         Written In The Stars At Sharnor
(Bedlington Terrier) 20pts
         Anderson's Tippanagh Caitlin
(Jack Russell Terrier) 20pts
         Bentley's Belleville Plum Picker
(Norfolk Terrier) 20pts
         Higham's Nurisha Run For Home To
(Border Terrier) 20pts
         Hovagimyan's Fr Ch Verascott Pearl Queen
(Scottish Terrier) 20pts
         Kennedy's Raedwulf Eventide
(Border Terrier) 20pts
         Long's Ch Monaline Principal Jun Ch
(Welsh Terrier) 20pts
39th Canty's Megacant Féileacáin
(Irish Terrier) 15pts
        Connolly's Bullfortis Bad To The Bone
(Bull Terrier Miniature) 15pts
        Cretaro's Ollie The Survivor
(American Staffordshire Terrier) 15pts
        Daly & Crockett's Ch Forlegd Xlrate
        Lightning Mc Queen At Thornberryhall
(Sealyham Terrier) 15pts
        Dunne's Krisbos Tickle Me Pink
(Jack Russell Terrier) 15pts
        O Hanlon & Kealy's Ch Kealdale Canis
(Airedale Terrier) 15pts
        O'Regan's Brykar Wild Wood
(Kerry Blue Terrier) 20pts
        Rooney's Ch Sjobolyckans Offensive
        Vanilla Coke
(Dandie Dinmont Terrier) 15pts
        Turner's Locheil Girl Talk
(Jack Russell Terrier) 15pts
        White's Ch Abberann Stars Fall From
(Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier) 15pts
        White's Galore Victory Royale Of Abberann
(Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier) 15pts
        Winogradova's Tarbhais Tamarack
(Scottish Terrier) 15pts
        Wyszynski's Neverending Love Lilyspride
        Jun Ch
(American Staffordshire Terrier) 15pts
52nd Daly's Love Me Tender At Taita's Ushabti
         With Thornberryhall
(Sealyham Terrier) 10pts
         Devlin's Tightlines Thunder And Lightning
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 10pts
         Hackett's Ch Hellstaff Lady Gaga
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 10pts    
         Moore's Cublalia Arabica Bebop
(Scottish Terrier) 10pts
         Nicholl's Staremesto Constantine
(Fox Terrier Wire Haired) 10pts
         O'Donoghue's Vixenveiw Gypsy Gold
(Jack Russell Terrier) 10pts
         Price's Zolace Stand And Deliver
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 10pts
         Price's Zolace Sweet As Candy
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 10pts
         Rigney's Arigna Alone She Stands
(Kerry Blue Terrier) 10pts
         Wadejko's Gang-Staff Winner Takes It All
(American Staffordshire Terrier) 10pts


Group 3 - GAIN Winners
Dublin (33)