1st  Dunne's Ch & GB Ch Longrange
       Cailin Dubh
(Shetland Sheepdog) 420pts

2nd Burnett's Ch & GB Ch Mon Cher Talisman
(Bouvier Des Flandres) 245pts

3rd  Farr's Ch, GB & Int Ch  Raggletaggle Very
       Rare Jun Ch
(Old English Sheepdog) 150pts

4th  Mc Devitt's Ch & GB Ch Caronlea Rum N
       Raisin Jun Ch
(Australian Shepherd Dog) 130pts

5th  Hastings, Richardson & Marder's
Ch Raggletaggle Angel’s Share Jun Ch
(Old English Sheepdog) 120pts
6th  Cahill's Ch Ormeeka Riot Girl
(Old English Sheepdog) 75pts
       Dempsey's Ch Bellablue Sweet Dreams
       Ruby Jun Ch
(Old English Sheepdog) 75pts

8th  Rogala's Griland Texas Ranger Jun Ch
(Old English Sheepdog) 70pts

9th  Doody's Ch Aoiristar Billionaire Playboy
(Australian Shepherd Dog) 65pts
10th Boohan's Capricorns Amazing Grace
        Jun Ch
(Old English Sheepdog) 55pts
        Mc Devitt's Caronlea Tequila Sunrise
(Australian Shepherd Dog) 55pts    

12th Allan, Douglas & Leonard's Allmark Boom
(Australian Shepherd Dog) 50pts
        Behan's Rico Vom Sudenville
(German Shepherd Dog) 50pts
        Kelly's Kongishof Winnie
(German Shepherd Dog) 50pts

15th Chen's Ch Brineack Giselle Jun Ch
(German Shepherd Dog) 45pts

16th Connolly's Ch Huntly Draw The Line
(Collie Border) 40pts
17th Bergin's Ch & Int Ch Arlo Niktel Angel
(White Swiss Shepherd Dog) 35pts
        Steer-Eldridge's Kakos The Happiest Days
        Of Gwalltafwyn
(Collie Bearded) 35pts
19th Doyle's Ch Sevenoaks So Perfect Duke
        Romarins De Mayerling Jun Ch
(Shetland Sheepdog) 30pts
        Keogh's Ch Huntly Ruby Tuesday
(Collie Border) 30pts
        Masiule's Ch Firstprizebears Tina Turner
(Collie Bearded) 30pts
22nd Douglas' Ch Liskarn Secret Carbon Copy
         For Talard
(Australian Shepherd Dog) 25pts 
         Hickey's Ch Locheil Special Surprise For
         Hapenny Jun Ch
(Collie Border) 25pts
         Kelly's Kongishof Freya
(German Shepherd Dog) 25pts
         Matthews' Craigycor Let's Dance
(Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 25pts

26th Austin & Zolakova's Ch Huntly Forged In
(Collie Border) 20pts
        Donaldson's Zorbaloo Don Julio
(Schipperke) 20pts
        Ford's Brinkley Out Of The Blue At
(Old English Sheepdog) 20pts
        Matthews' Ch & GB Ch Craigycor Giovanni
(Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 20pts
30th Brophy & Feehily's Wesley Vom
(German Shepherd Dog) 15pts
        Douglas' Ch Talard Keep Your Pokerface
(Australian Shepherd Dog) 15pts
        McCormick's Towernaglen Midday Hour
(Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 15pts
        Timmins' Breckamore The Banshee Of
(Collie Smooth) 15pts
        Walsh's Skabona What A Lady At Joshren
(Collie Rough) 15pts
35th Bruce's Woodhenge Star Mariner
(Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 10pts
        Drewery's Ch Evalane Memory Of Monty
        Jun Ch
(Collie Rough) 10pts
        Drewery's Ch Evalane Sticky Toffee Lollie
        At Elshadene Jun Ch
(Collie Rough) 10pts
        Hayes' Revloch Qahsa
(Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael) 10pts
        Heggie's Locheil A Good Heart
(Collie Border) 10pts
        Kelly's Ch Foxthyme By Eck At Jappmar
(Lancashire Heeler) 10pts
        Keogh's Ch Huntly Between The Lines
(Collie Border) 10pts  
        McNally's Fridens Touch Time With
(Collie Rough) 10pts
        Matthews' Craigycor My Cherie Amor
(Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 10pts
        Mcdonagh's Karyshanty Tir Na Nog
(Shetland Sheepdog) 10pts
        Nealon's Ezzmare Cradle With Love
(Collie Rough) 10pts
        O Sullivan's Norman Knight Iz
        Byrshtunovogo Kraju Of Spancilhill
(Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 10pts
        Rooney's Hillawns Irish Beauty
(Shetland Sheepdog) 10pts
        Smee's Ceridwen Pumida Schnaubern
(Pumi) 10pts


Group 1 - Legacy Leaderboard
Cloghran (32)