Group 10 - GAIN Winners
Dublin (33)
1st  Appleby, Minchin, Edwards & Mulvaney's Ch & Int Ch Valkor Vritra Jun Ch (Afghan Hound) 250pts

2nd Small's Multi Ch Popovs Simba Of Kilgharra (Afghan Hound) 190pts 

3rd  Tomasovicova's Uluru Roan Inish (Irish Wolfhound) 170pts

4th  Nolan's Ch Dreamjet Angel Of The North (Whippet) 160pts

5th  Fletcher & Short's Ch Collooney He's A Tease (Whippet) 130pts

6th  Matthews & Khan's Ch Iason Ailesbury Of Gentle Mind Jun Ch (Whippet) 110pts

7th  Cullen's Ch Feorish Bran Jun Ch (Irish Wolfhound) 85pts

8th  Matthews' Qui Amant Of Gentle Mind (Whippet) 80pts 
9th  Finney's Gulliagh Troyat (Irish Wolfhound) 75pts
       Hunter's Ch Mossbawnhill Second To None (Whippet) 75pts 

11th Mullen's Ch Pitlochry's Tzar (Deerhound) 70pts
        O Mahony's Dreamjet Who's The Floss (Whippet) 70pts

13th Dunne's Ch Swala's Saqr (Azawakh) 65pts
14th Corr's Zeus Sunnymoon Place (Italian Greyhound) 55pts
        Finney's Recamier Du Grand Chien De Culann (Irish Wolfhound) 55pts
        Finney's Gulliagh Piaf (Irish Wolfhound) 55pts
17th Mullen's Ure My Tullamore Nanouks Happy Home (Irish Wolfhound) 45pts
        O'Keeffe's Ch Calcara Anu (Irish Wolfhound) 45pts
        Pascoe's GB Ch Popovs Aladdin At Sarakhan (Afghan Hound) 45pts
20th Hunter's Mossbawnhill She's Deadly Jun Ch (Whippet) 40pts
        Krym's Ch Jimmy Del Octubre Rojo (Borzoi) 40pts
22nd Arden's Paskova Night Storm At Greenhaven (Borzoi) 35pts
         Arden's Ch & Dutch Ch Paskova Night Warrior At Greenhaven (Borzoi) 35pts
         Gentchev's Ch Greyfort Duke (Greyhound) 35pts
         Nieznanska's Thalíae De La Colombe Bérnais (Hungarian Greyhound) 35pts
         Stevenson's Ch Golddragon Bacchante Exotic Illusion (Afghan Hound) 35pts

27th Dunne's Ch Saffurah Moondust (Saluki) 30pts
28th Gentchev's Broszka Stepowy Goniec (Borzoi) 25pts
        Harvey's Astragorn Zeus Glory Of Albaneiler (Borzoi) 25pts
        Sharkey's Whipsperrin Glitzy Mitzy (Whippet) 25pts
        Small's Ch & Hr Ch Chinzaes In Comes The Judge of Kilgharra (Afghan Hound) 25pts
32nd Bollard O Callaghan, Nisbet & Forrester's Gezancol Say No More (Afghan Hound) 20pts
         Ennis' Rossmount Rubin (Italian Greyhound) 20pts
         Ennis' Stonemartin Banshee (Azawakh) 20pts
         Gentchev's Ch Greyfort Darlin (Greyhound) 20pts
         Gibson's Collooney King Of Spin At Quinnabeth (Whippet) 20pts
         O'Brian's Gallgeri Bugatti Chiron (Afghan Hound) 20pts
         Thompson's Barnesmore Weapon Of Choice (Whippet) 20pts
         Sweeney's Millarton Souverign Slipper (Irish Wolfhound) 20pts
40th Gentchev's Greyfort Miro (Greyhound) 15pts
        Kanoo's Swiss Ch Nibrass Diamond Queen (Borzoi) 15pts
        Matthews and Minogue's Ch Donskoi Prince (Borzoi) 15pts
        Reardon's Edrakk Of Shantmon (Irish Wolfhound) 15pts
        Thompson's Barnesmore Firebird (Borzoi) 15pts
        Thompson's Destiny At Barnesmore Di Casa Montefiori (Greyhound) 15pts
        Young's Stonemartin Barnva (Azawakh) 15pts
47th Corr's Ch Crystalclear Lowry (Italian Greyhound) 10pts
        Corr's Crystalclear Venus (Italian Greyhound) 10pts
        Dunne's Jorjenjo Imara A Jumaila (Saluki) 10pts
        Ennis' Secretariat Sonic Workaholic (Azawakh) 10pts
        Fyffe's Mossbawnhill Uttrly Better (Whippet) 10pts
        Gentchev's Greyfort Ivetta (Greyhound) 10pts
        Grady's Ziro Forum Pablo (Italian Greyhound) 10pts
        Mcmillen's Merenptah Lynx (Saluki) 10pts
        Nolan's Aziz Cantara At Dreamjet (Saluki) 10pts
        Thompson's Ch Barnesmore Apollo Jun Ch (Borzoi) 10pts