1st  O'Neill's Ch Trendylook Hedley Lamarr
       Jun Ch
(Pekingese) 240pts

2nd  Newman & Carroll's Rom Ch Oh Lucifer De
(Papillon) 160pts

3rd  McMorrow & Martin's Ch Ray Wonder Of
       Love Jun Ch
(Maltese) 155pts

4th  Connolly, Loveless & Dowty's
       Multi Ch Arbens Epic Swagg Of Los
(Havanese) 150pts

5th  Carthy's Ch Brenhora Bad Boy At Ardgrove
       Jun Ch
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 125pts

6th  Burns, Coghlan & Howard's
       Grayco Zhamazing 'ell Jun Ch
       (Poodle Toy) 75pts
7th  Gould's Ch & GB Ch Manoir's Air Force Zero
       Jun Ch
(Bichon Frise) 60pts
       Lloyd's Owenavera Gilbert Grape
       (Lhasa Apso) 60pts

9th  Boyd & Taggart's Ch Canmoy's Boston
       Revolver Jun Ch
(Boston Terrier) 55pts

10th Matthews & Hall's GB Ch Shenedene Don
(Lhasa Apso) 50pts
11th Gibson & Hitt's Ch & GB Ch Miracey Rebel
(Shih Tzu) 45pts
        Hurley's Ch Ravenways Real Hero
        (Tibetan Spaniel) 45pts

13th Conlon & Kotani's Rathbrist Unstoppable
        Momentum Jun Ch

        (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 40pts

14th Alford's Ch & GB Ch Araki Kaught U
        Lookin At Christate
(Tibetan Terrier) 35pts
        Burns, Coghlan & Howard's
Grayco Zhamazing Grace Jun Ch
        (Poodle Toy) 35pts
        Clancy's Mic Mac Idefix
        (Tibetan Spaniel) 35pts
        Gura-Mallon's Celticlibrid Chulainn
        (French Bulldog) 35pts

18th McKeon Collins' Volgarus Let Your Love
(Poodle Standard) 30pts
19th Coogan's Buzleo L.A. Woman (Pug) 25pts
        Lamont's Veryl Marveille Of Moorfields
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 25pts
21st Boyd & Taggart's Ch Canmoy's Boston
        Ride'em Cowgirl
(Boston Terrier) 20pts
        Connolly's Ch Ashmair Double Trouble
        Jun Ch
(Bichon Frise) 20pts
        Gibson & Hitt's Ch Miracey Fruitylicious At
        Virtuvilage Jun Ch
(Shih Tzu) 20pts
        Mccarthy's Solaris Avis Yglamour Sinissipi
        (Shih Tzu) 20pts
        O'Brien's Ch Mullagh Quantum Of Solace
(Tibetan Spaniel) 20pts
        O'Callaghan & Croarkin's Kesasonas Little
(French Bulldog) 20pts 
        Roberts' Ch & GB Ch Marbledale Perfection
        (Lhasa Apso) 20pts
        Wade's Can Gr Ch Quarel De El Mencey
(French Bulldog) 20pts
29th Baker's Multi Ch Fabien Chidonna At
(Chihuahua Long Coat) 15pts
        Hurley's Ricox Heart Of Me
(Tibetan Spaniel) 15pts
        Lloyd's Owenavera Wild At Heart
        (Lhasa Apso) 15pts
        Mckenna's Lookum Light My Fire
(Chihuahua Long Coat) 15pts
Chatwyn Burning Issue Jun Ch
(Poodle Toy) 15pts
        Suggitt's Aptrick Time For Elevenses
        (Griffon Bruxellois) 15pts
35th Akkad & Carty's Ch Georgie Girl By
        Labayamesa Jun Ch
(Havanese) 10pts
        Connolly's Ch Happy Dancing Hysteric
(Chinese Crested) 10pts
        Corneille's Multi Ch Falamandus On Kick
        Ahead With Lilasong Jun Ch

        (Tibetan Terrier) 10pts
        Gault & Stanley's Pekehuis Hocus Pocus
(Pekingese) 10pts
        Gura-Mallon's Celticlibrid Dare Queen
(French Bulldog) 10pts
        Hayes' Abeloth Rhythm Dancer Avec
        Marpetra Jun Ch
(Tibetan Terrier) 10pts
        Mcnally & Walker's Ch & Int Ch Timazinti‚Äôs
        Khyi Of Dreams At Ponpori Jun Ch

        (Lhasa Apso) 10pts
        O'Reilly's Ch Chatwyn Love On The Run
        Jun Ch
(Poodle Toy) 10pts 

Group 9 - GAIN Topdog
Result to Coleraine