Group 7 - Legacy Leaderboard
Result to IKC Int Day 2
1st  Cummings & Lawless'
       Sh Ch, GB & Int Sh Ch Kanix Kroner At
       Sevenhills Jun Ch
(Pointer) 460pts

2nd  Donnelly's Sh Ch & Int Sh Ch Millcroft
        Whispering Moon Jun Ch

        (Setter Irish) 105pts
3rd  Dunhill-Hall & Burnside's Ch Anzani Di
       Regione Montagnosa
(Bracco Italiano) 80pts  
       Gettings' Sh Ch & Int Ch Beechillawn Sound
       Of The Underground Jun Ch
(German Wire Haired Pointer) 80pts
       Kelly's Sh Ch Aceweis Possum Magic At
       Risley Jun Ch
(Hungarian Vizsla) 80pts
       McDaid's Sh Ch Leif Vom Wasserschling
(German Short Haired Pointer) 80pts

7th  Kenneally & Jones' Sh Ch Le Havre Marseille
       To Minama Jun Ch
(Spaniel Brittany) 75pts

8th  Cummings & Walker's Sh Ch Kanix
       Orchestra For Petwalk
(Pointer) 70pts

9th  Hughes' Sh Ch Corraneelish Pheasant At
       Cloonminda Jun Ch
(Setter Irish) 65pts

10th Stewart's Gwendariff Weekend Warrior
        (Setter Irish) 60pts
11th Caffrey's Weidovan Quick Silver Lady
        Jun Ch
(Weimaraner) 55pts
        Dolan's Sh Ch Cilleigne Finn Mac Cumhaill
        Jun Ch
(Setter Irish Red and White) 55pts     
        Loughlin's Sh Ch & Int Sh Ch Rohanmor It's
        All About Alfie Jun Ch
(Setter Irish) 55pts   
        Mervyn's Sh Ch & Lux Sh Ch Tomanipoint
        Celtic Knight
(German Short Haired Pointer) 55pts
        Park, Hough & Kelly's Sh Ch Liric Fait
        Accompli For Ladysdale Jun Ch
(Setter Gordon) 55pts

16th Toms' Sh Ch Toberbilly I Wish You Luck
        Jun Ch
(Setter Irish) 50pts    
17th Lovatt's Beechillawn I'm Free
(German Wire Haired Pointer) 45pts
        Sterritt's Sh Ch Corranroo Just One Kiss
        With Riversett Jun Ch
(Setter Irish) 45pts

19th Fleming's Sh Ch Glenariff Golden Moon
        Jun Ch
(Pointer) 40pts
20th Carty & Carty-Parge's
Multi Sh Ch Wansleydale Woodpecker At
(Setter English) 35pts
        Mcdermott's Multi Sh Ch Cilleigne Cu
        Chulainn At Drumlace

        (Setter Irish Red and White) 35pts
        Roden & Keyse's Kazanpaul Sea Biscuit
        With Taevas

        (German Short Haired Pointer) 35pts

23rd Baker's Sh Ch Risley Look No Further At
(Hungarian Vizsla) 30pts
24th Connolly's Huntly River Song
(Weimaraner) 25pts
        Dodds & Pearson's
        Ch & VDH Ch Braccorions Juno What
        (Bracco Italiano) 25pts
        Gettings'  Sh Ch & Int Ch Beechillawn
        Wired For Sound Jun Ch

        (German Wire Haired Pointer) 25pts
        Gibson, Palmer & Warren's Sh Ch Zilverein
        Strike A Pose In Vogue
(Weimaraner) 25pts
        Loughlin's Sh Ch & Int Sh Ch Discovery's
        Let The Heart Beat For Rohanmor Jun Ch
(Setter Irish) 25pts
        Stewart's Dark Duchess Shadow Dog
        (Setter English) 25pts
        Woods' Zoldmali Lukacs
(Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla) 25pts
31st Cooper's Sh Ch & Int Sh Ch Primo
        Petruccio Jun Ch
(Bracco Italiano) 20pts
        Gettings' Beechillawn Eureka Diamond
        Jun Ch
(German Wire Haired Pointer) 20pts
        Kenneally & Jones' Sh Ch & Int Ch Minama
        I'm On Fire Jun Ch
(Weimaraner) 20pts
        Westaway's Ridanflight
(Pointer) 20pts
35th Belcher's Sh Ch Hastabbi Tropicana At
        Sosteli Jun Ch
(Italian Spinone) 15pts
        Connolly's Jack In The Box Du Val Gehel'n
        At Huntly
(Weimaraner) 15pts
        Fleming's Sh Ch Carmandine Kimono Of
        Glenariff Jun Ch
(Pointer) 15pts 
        Havens'  Sh Ch Le Havre Jard
        Spaniel Brittany) 15pts
        Park, Hough & Kelly's Sh Ch Minvery's
        Angus Mcduff
(Setter Gordon) 15pts
40th Caffrey's Sh Ch & Int Ch Weidovan Quick
        Silver Hugel Jun Ch
(Weimaraner) 10pts
        Gibson, Palmer & Warren's Zilverein
        N'Woods Applebz Always In Vogue
(Weimaraner) 10pts
        Park, Hough & Kelly's Redclyst Jean
        Valjean Lestannons
(Setter Irish) 10pts
        Quinn & McNamara's
Sh Ch & Int Sh Ch Ludstar Giacometti At
(Setter Gordon) 10pts