1st  Murray's Heathergrove Travis (Beagle) 310pts

2nd  Patterson's Ch Gondwana Dia Sa Of Muna Ya Kusini At
        Rocksham Jun Ch
(Rhodesian Ridgeback) 295pts

3rd  Bermingham's Ch Lornlee Bite The Bullet Jun Ch
(Dalmatian) 280pts

4th  Byrne's Ch Ravensring Diancecht Jun Ch (Kerry Beagle) 200pts

5th  Park, Hough & Kelly's Sh Ch Scentaway Sherlock Holmes
       (Black and Tan Coonhound) 160pts

6th  Anthony's Ch & GB Ch Rottzridge Nemesis Jun Ch
(Rhodesian Ridgeback) 150pts 

7th  Small’s Ch Alioth Moonlight Surprise Jun Ch (Dalmatian) 140pts

8th  Blevins, Bendle & Fitzsimons' Ch Blevwil's Ravishing Rita Jun Ch
(Basset Hound) 135pts 

9th  Blevins' Ch Blevwil Ruff N'Ready (Basset Hound) 80pts

10th Foote & McAulay's Erylan Hebe La Fille Jeune
        (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen) 60pts

11th Foote & McAulay's Ch Erylan Aphrodite La Belle Jun Ch
(Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen) 55pts 

12th Dodds and Pearson's Ch, GB & Int Ch Kelevra Classic Cliché
(Dalmatian) 45pts

13th  O'Connor Gibney's Blevwil Sport N'Chance (Basset Hound) 40pts
14th Blevins' Ch, Nl & Int Ch Blevwil Now Or Never Jun Ch
        (Basset Fauve de Bretagne) 30pts
        Flanagan's Last Star Is Born Spotted Puppies (Beagle) 30pts         

16th Jones & Gregg's Multi Ch Hibeck Pain Au Chocolat Avec
(Basset Fauve de Bretagne) 25pts
        McGregor's Ch Claela Reaumur
(Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen) 25pts
18th Bergin's Kuba Zoom Bonnahund Breenbrass
        (Basset Hound) 20pts
        Blevins' Blevwil Unbreakable (Basset Fauve de Bretagne) 20pts 
        Chance & Dodds' Dotlun Moonshine Jun Ch (Beagle) 20pts
        Cunningham's Walamadengie Coco Chanelle
        (Rhodesian Ridgeback) 20pts
        Irvine's Ch & Int Ch Emmorah All Right Now Jun Ch
         (Basset Hound) 20pts
       Jones & Gregg's Multi Ch Lillie Beatrice
        (Basset Fauve de Bretagne) 20pts
        Scott & Cooper's Trendsetter Hakuna Matata For Druimderg
        Jun Ch
(Rhodesian Ridgeback) 20pts
25th Buchanan & MacLaren's GB & Nl Ch Tarmachan Ice Diamond
(Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen) 15pts
        Coates' Royal Pack Ukraine Leader Forever At Gladstyle
        (Beagle) 15pts
        Leech's Ch Gavelkind Conquistador By Jamchala
(Basset Fauve de Bretagne) 15pts        
        Webster's Ch & Int Ch Tamilanda Pink Addition To Dalmarno
        Jun Ch
(Dalmatian) 15pts
29th Anthony's Rottzridge I Am Wrath (Rhodesian Ridgeback) 10pts
        Bermingham's Lornlee Time To Shine Jun Ch (Dalmatian) 10pts
        Dunlop's Mustafar Drop Dead Gorgeous (Beagle) 10pts
        Makey's GB & Bel Ch Gairside Good Lord
(Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen) 10pts
        McDonald's Badgershill Purplerain (Bloodhound) 10pts
        O'Dwyer & Irving's Ch Ravensring Éirí Amach Na Cásca
(Kerry Beagle) 10pts
        Scott & Cooper's Ch Trendsetter Highland Fling For Druimderg
        Jun Ch
(Rhodesian Ridgeback) 10pts
        Walsh's We Will Rock You From Elly's Pack (Beagle) 10pts

Group 6 - GAIN Topdog
Result to IKC Int Day 2