Group 2 - GAIN Topdog
Result to Coleraine
1st  Shelly's Ch & GB Ch Zaralee Put A Spell On You Jun Ch (Shar Pei) 125pts
2nd  English's Ch Parsival Van't Hof Ten Eynder (St. Bernard Short Haired) 115pts
        Henderson's Ch Irrestistible Tuwos Dobgrace (Dobermann Pinscher) 115pts

4th  Keenan & Griffin's Ch Seacrest Citation At Bessbox Jun Ch (Boxer) 110pts

5th  McMorrow & Martin's Selicsia The Night King (Affenpinscher) 95pts

6th  Henshall & Walsh's Calchas Yandamar Yankee (Great Dane) 70pts
7th  Dowey's Ch Drakyi Emperor Nero Of Tamdrin (Tibetan Mastiff) 65pts
       Graham's Multi Ch Gongar King Henry Bulls Jun Ch (Bulldog) 65pts 

9th  Sturza’s Ch Alldenria Ali I Dance Like A Butterfly Jun Ch (Rottweiler) 60pts

10th East's Ch & Int Ch Easties Balou Jun Ch (St. Bernard Long Haired) 50pts 
11th Carberry & Henderson's Ch Dobshangrila Rasputin At Camarin Jun Ch (Dobermann Pinscher) 45pts
        Fitzsimons' Ch Sant Kreal Hugo Boss Iz Fitzkin Jun Ch (Dobermann Pinscher) 45pts 
        Murray's Ch Glenrouge Carbon Copy Jun Ch (Dogue de Bordeaux) 45pts
        O'Connell's Darglebuss Dream Keeper At Watercrest (Bullmastiff) 45pts
        Sheehan & Taggert's Ch Bestikrosantr Victoria For Parleshan Jun Ch (St. Bernard Short Haired) 45pts

16th Shelly's Ch Zaralee Ez On The Eye Jun Ch (Shar Pei) 40pts

17th Zamiela's Strobo Ghost (Dogo Argentino) 35pts
18th Benson’s Ch Bernervalley Summer Dream Jun Ch (Bernese Mountain Dog) 30pts
        Connolly & Scanlon's Ch Nujax Johnny Cash Jun Ch (Schnauzer Miniature) 30pts
20th Cockerill & Forster's Merrybear Frere Jacques (Newfoundland) 25pts
        Cooper's Ch Confucian Dark Side Of The Moon Jun Ch (Shar Pei) 25pts
        McDonald's Ch Robmarralee Girls Got Rhythm Jun Ch (Giant Schnauzer) 25pts
        Orr's Rottsworth Ice Maiden (Rottweiler) 25pts
24th Bannon & Carroll's Rottsworth Hendrix (Rottweiler) 20pts
        Beggs & Murphy's Wegas OD Dragicevica (Rottweiler) 20pts
        Dyer's Ch Incognito Menulio Gatve Jun Ch (Boxer) 20pts
        Hosie's Newfoundlove New Edition At Shadowrise Jun Ch (Newfoundland) 20pts
        Mercer's King Of Helluland Keep Distance At Larkharbour (Newfoundland) 20pts
        Ni She's Ch, Lux & Int Ch Ruholfia Giorgia (Dobermann Pinscher) 20pts
        Prior's Ch Jacdmar King Bru Jun Ch (Italian Corso Dog) 20pts
31st Dobbin's Brooklynbear Wisteria (Newfoundland) 15pts
        Moore's Ch Diamond Egoist Markus Marsell At Rozenyas Jun Ch (Pinscher Miniature) 15pts
        Moore's Ch Lempileijonan Muusta Kuullaan At Hillhaven Jun Ch (Leonberger) 15pts
        Orr's Ch Tikaram Uptown Girl (Rottweiler) 15pts
35th Barrett's Ch Álainndanes King Of Kings At Kenaine Jun Ch (Great Dane) 10pts
        Byrne & Chappell's Selmalda Afterall At Sundasac (Great Dane) 10pts
        Dyer's Ch Gollybox Harley Quinn Of Zensin Jun Ch (Boxer) 10pts
        Holmes & Lyons' Ch Kalaslane Rasputin Jun Ch (Black Russian Terrier) 10pts
        Kelly's Harthin's Rosalinda For Annealdon (Bernese Mountain Dog) 10pts
        Maguire's Ridgewater Evergreen Reuben (Bernese Mountain Dog) 10pts
        McCarter's Bon Ecuyer Wimor (Bulldog) 10pts
        Moore's Ch & Int Ch Assisi Tsaritsa At Rozenyas Jun Ch (Pinscher Miniature) 10pts
        Murphy's Micona Foxtrot (Hovawart) 10pts
        Prior's Rosamic Axel (Rottweiler) 10pts