Group 1 - Legacy Leaderboard
Result to Cloghran
1st  Hastings, Richardson & Marder's
Ch Raggletaggle Angel's Share Jun Ch
(Old English Sheepdog) 290pts

2nd  Connolly's Huntly Steel River (Collie Border) 130pts

3rd  Connolly's Huntly Draw The Line (Collie Border) 90pts 
4th  Castillo & Fortune's Ch & GB Ch Edglonian Blue Fortune
       (Shetland Sheepdog) 85pts
       Wilson's Ch & GB Ch Chadbloer Nevan Henki Mit Clynalwin
       Jun Ch
(Schipperke) 85pts
6th  Douglas' Ch Talard Lethal Weapon Jun Ch
       (Australian Shepherd Dog) 70pts
       Farr's Ch Raggletaggle Very Rare Jun Ch
(Old English Sheepdog) 70pts

8th  Connolly's Ch & GB Ch Nahrof Blurred Lines At Huntly
       (Collie Border) 65pts
       Matthews' Craigycor Frozen (Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 65pts     
10th Lattimer's Ch Beardie Connections Quino Jun Ch
        (Collie Bearded) 60pts
        McKenna's Ch Nikolaev Tyrion At Davdeir Jun Ch
        (Bouvier Des Flandres) 60pts
12th Doyle's Ch Little Barbie Girl Des Romarins De Mayerling For
        Sevenoaks Jun Ch
(Shetland Sheepdog) 55pts 
        Lawless' Ch, GB & Dutch Ch Revloch Figo
        (Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael) 55pts
14th Doody's Ch Aoiristar Rebellious (Australian Shepherd Dog) 50pts
        Matthews' Ch Towernaglen Buster Moon At Craigycor
(Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 50pts
        McArdle's Ch Blamorder Jelly Bean Queen For Slievemac
        Jun Ch
(Collie Smooth) 50pts
17th Blight's Revloch Di Canio
        (Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael) 45pts
        Grigorian's Multi Ch Griland Throughout The World
(Old English Sheepdog) 45pts
19th Cahill's Multi Ch Youandi Alive And Kicking Jun Ch
        (Old English Sheepdog) 40pts
        Reeves' Ch & GB Ch Fearnach Crusador
        (Shetland Sheepdog) 40pts
        Wall & Walsh's Hawkfield's Return To Sender To Joshren At
        Daliyhaa Jun Ch
(Collie Rough) 40pts
22nd Bridges' Ch Trijem Secret Bridge To Liskarn
(Australian Shepherd Dog) 35pts
         McNally's Copamage I'm Blown Away Jun Ch (Collie Rough) 35pts
         O'Briain's Ch Straightlines Secret Love At Seanchrois Jun Ch
         (Collie Smooth) 35pts

25th O'Neill Caraher's Huntly First In Line (Collie Border) 30pts
26th Castillo & Fortune's Ch, GB & Lux Ch Navarrem Fortune Lady
        Jun Ch
(Shetland Sheepdog) 25pts
        Chen's Brineack Giselle Jun Ch (German Shepherd Dog) 25pts
        Doyle's Ch Sevenoaks Angel By My Side Jun Ch
(Shetland Sheepdog) 25pts
        Dunne's Longrange Ciao Bella Bleu Jun Ch
(Shetland Sheepdog) 25pts
        Farrell's Carolelen Cosmic Star Of Moifara Jun Ch
        (Shetland Sheepdog) 25pts      
        Hastings, Richardson & Marder's Ch Lambluvs Irish Brew
        (Old English Sheepdog) 25pts
        Rundle's Malandex Xpat's Story (Collie Bearded) 25pts
33rd Boohan's Capricorns Amazing Grace (Old English Sheepdog) 20pts
        Devitt's Ch, GB & Int Ch Caronlea Lukin Black Jun Ch
        (Collie Rough) 20pts
        Donaldson's GB Ch Zorbaloo The Black Ice (Schipperke) 20pts
        Long-Doyle's Multi Ch Pumidoro Splinter At Longsdyle Jun Ch
(Pumi) 20pts
        McDonald's Fearnach Making Mischief (Shetland Sheepdog) 20pts
        McKenna's Ch J‚ÄôLiberte Du Clos De La Luette
(Bouvier Des Flandres) 20pts
39th Bruce's Whitepoint Dodging Daggers Via Manto
(Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 15pts
        Cahill's Reata's Virtual Reality (Old English Sheepdog) 15pts
        Devitt's Multi Ch Caronlea Hot Celtic Charm Jun Ch
(Collie Rough) 15pts
        Dunne's Ch Yagodka At Longrange S Egerskoy Slobody
        Jun Ch
(Shetland Sheepdog) 15pts
        Gibbons' Multi Ch Australian Dream Be Well Suited Of Wispafete
        (Australian Shepherd Dog) 15pts
        Lowry's Moncher Desierata (Bouvier Des Flandres) 15pts
        Matthews' Craigycor Duchess (Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 15pts
        Maybury's Ballynerrin Perfect Storm Jun Ch
(Shetland Sheepdog) 15pts
        McDonald's Ch Tooralie's Edition De Luxe At Fearnach Jun Ch
(Shetland Sheepdog) 15pts
        O'Connor's Bordwalk Spectre Jun Ch (Collie Border) 15pts
49th Bourke's Ch Mistyholly Red Peril Jun Ch
(Australian Shepherd Dog) 10pts
        Curtin's Ballynerrin Moonstar (Shetland Sheepdog) 10pts
        Delaney's Bonnettsrath Mona Lisa (Collie Rough) 10pts
        Doody's Villanyda Wanna Be Like You
(Australian Shepherd Dog) 10pts
        Douglas' Talard Keep Your Pokerface
(Australian Shepherd Dog) 10pts
        Fawcett's Multi Ch Fostebrie Divine Gold At Beannchor Jun Ch
(Briard) 10pts
        Fieldsend's Ch & Nl Ch You Bring Me Joy Campanella To Starwell
(Briard) 10pts
        Ford's Ch & GB Ch Brinkley Beautiful Dreamer Of Clenmaen
        Jun Ch
(Old English Sheepdog) 10pts
        McKittrick's Alberdale Isaac Jun Ch (German Shepherd Dog
        (Long Coat)) 10pts
        Mulrooney's Ch Bellablue Beauty Bear Jun Ch
        (Old English Sheepdog) 10pts
        Niblock's Ch Knockwood Macey Jun Ch
        (German Shepherd Dog) 10pts
        Spence's Absela Loki (German Shepherd Dog) 10pts
        Theaker's Int Ch Starwell Mistletoe At Tisalmyn
        (Catalonian Sheepdog) 10pts