1st  Gettings' Sh Ch & Int Ch Kimmax Krystal Klear Of
       Beechillawn Jun Ch
(German Wire Haired Pointer) 185pts

2nd  Patton's Ch & GB Ch Lesandnic Sea The Stars Jun Ch
         (Dachshund Wire Haired) 150pts

3rd  O'Neill's Ch, GB & Int Ch Knockogue Arthurs Legacy Jun Ch
        (Basset Hound) 105pts

4th  Winogradova's Blr & Rus Ch Imp In Skirt Zen-Seng
        (Scottish Terrier) 80pts

5th  Bailey & Duggan's Ch & Int Ch Dromtrasna Jack At Guapo Jun Ch
        (Old English Sheepdog) 60pts

6th  Knight's Ch & Int Ch Mynight Denman Jun Ch
        (Airedale Terrier) 55pts

7th  Kealy's Ch & Int Ch Dalstar Giselle Jun Ch
        (Irish Soft Coat Wheaten Terrier) 45pts

8th  Hughes' Clannrua Beckett At Cloonminda Jun Ch
        (Setter Irish) 35pts
9th  Boross' Int Ch Double Coat's Nicholas Nickleby WDQ
        (Retriever Chesapeake Bay) 20pts
        Farrell's Ch Karyshanty Pure Destiny Of Moifara
        (Shetland Sheepdog) 20pts
        Holmes' Ch & Int Ch Suraliam Walking On Sunshine Jun Ch
        (Siberian Husky) 20pts
        Hunter's Ch, GB & Int Ch Mossbawnhill It's All Bout Me
        (Whippet) 20pts
        Knight's Ch & Int Ch Mynight Maid Of The Mist Jun Ch
(Airedale Terrier) 20pts
14th Coutts' Ch Brocolitia Talk O The North Jun Ch
         (Fox Terrier Wire Haired) 15pts
         Finney's Ch & Int Ch Nice One From Vitoraz To Gulliagh Jun Ch
         (Dachshund Wire Haired Kaninchen) 15pts
         Kirkby's Marchesi Mademoiselle (Poodle Miniature) 15pts
17th Armstrong's Belvisj I Believe I Can Fly (Papillon) 10pts
         Byers' Sh Ch Havergrove Into the Flames At Balibeau
         (Retriever Golden) 10pts
         Hanna's Ch & GB Ch Kinaelan Quietly Confident
         (Irish Soft Coat Wheaten Terrier) 10pts
         Holt's GB Sh Ch Trimere Tranquiliser to Bethryn
         (English Springer Spaniel) 10pts
         McCready's Multi Ch Fugelere Sirocco At Tuke Glen
         (Pointer) 10pts
         McTaggart's Ch Sangosands Seashell
         (Australian Shepherd Dog) 10pts

23rd Bollard O.Callaghan's Ch, GB & Int Ch Ashahni Amir Jun Ch
         (Afghan Hound) 5pts
         Dodds & Pearson's Kelevra Hudson Hawk (Dalmatian) 5pts
         Leeper & Nevin's Multi Ch Capora Atlantis At Leevindane
         (Great Dane) 5pts
         Magee's Ch & Int Ch Debucher Quelqu.Dort Avec Clonallan
         (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen) 5pts


ICP Veteran Leaderboard
Result to Coleraine