Group 9 - GAIN Topdog
Result to Dublin DSS
1st  O'Neill's Ch Trendylook Hedley Lamarr
        Jun Ch
(Pekingese) 390pts

2nd  Burns, Coghlan & Howard's Ch Grayco Poetic
        Image Jun Ch
(Poodle Toy) 235pts

3rd  Thorpe's Multi Ch Idyllium's Showman
       (Chihuahua Long Coat) 185pts

4th  Keenan's Ch Sleepybrook Let Me
       Entertain U
(Poodle Medium) 160pts

5th  Gould's Ch & GB Ch Manoir's Air Force
       Zero Jun Ch
(Bichon Frise) 105pts

6th  Carroll & Newman's Danemore The Story Of
(Papillon) 100pts

7th  Carroll & Newman's Ch, Thai & Ukraine Ch
       Expana's Go Winner Gogo
(Papillon) 95pts
8th  Gault & Stanley's Pekehuis Hocus Pocus
       (Pekingese) 80pts 
       Gibson & Hitt's Ch & GB Ch Miracey Rebel
(Shih Tzu) 80pts
10th Hurley's Ch Ravenways Real Hero
        (Tibetan Spaniel) 70pts 
        O'Reilly's Ch Tirkane Limited Edition
        Jun Ch
(Poodle Toy) 70pts
12th Carthy's Ch Brenhora Bad Boy At Ardgrove
        (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 60pts 
        Rutzel's Am Ch Kolmar's Painted
(Havanese) 60pts

14th Boyd & Taggart's Canmoy's Boston Ride'em
(Boston Terrier) 55pts

15th Hill's Ch Deizi Mr Fredrick The Bold
        (Bichon Frise) 45pts 
16th Alford's Ch & GB Ch Araki Kaught U Lookin
        At Christate
(Tibetan Terrier) 40pts
        Hamilton's Golbourne's Goddess For
(Lowchen) 40pts
18th Cole’s Ch Ziams Pretty Face For Samchi
        Jun Ch
(Shih Tzu) 35pts
        Connolly's Ch Ashmair Double Trouble
        Jun Ch
(Bichon Frise) 35pts 
        O'Brien's Ch, GB & Int Ch Rosanley The
        Adonis At Torfness
(Tibetan Spaniel) 35pts
        Quinn's Laurmerand Heaven Sent For
        Ashmakin Jun Ch
(Shih Tzu) 35pts
        Sloan's Ch & Int Ch Austrene One Vision
        Jun Ch
(Phalene) 35pts
        Stanley & Keenan's Heneva Sasha Fierce
        (Lhasa Apso) 35pts

24th Connolly's Ch Petit Ami's Set Fire To The
        Rain Jun Ch
(Bichon Frise) 30pts
25th Andrew-Tempest's Ch Mikudi Mustang Sally
        Jun Ch
(Tibetan Terrier) 25pts
        Caffrey's Ashmakin Aint No Doubt About It
        Jun Ch
(Shih Tzu) 25pts
        Cooper's Ch Minako Beautiful Child
        (Japanese Chin) 25pts 
        Coulter's Sonorous Elizabeth Bennet
        (Poodle Miniature) 25pts
        Fallon's Clodana Expelliarmus Jun Ch
        (Pug) 25pts
30th Blevins' Ch Klerkshof Maggie May At
(Pekingese) 20pts
        Carroll & Newman's Danemore Chasing
        Elegant Flora
(Papillon) 20pts
        Coogan’s Ch, Dk & Nu Ch Tangetoppen
        Yes I Do Christmas
(Pug) 20pts
        Fahey & Shire's Dimara Stargazer
        (Lhasa Apso) 20pts
        Gibson's Ch Miracey Fruitylicious At
        Virtuvilage Jun Ch
(Shih Tzu) 20pts
        Gracie's Ch Vital Way Hip Hop Bellicose
        Jun Ch
(French Bulldog) 20pts
        Grant-Cook's Ch Kerronmor Mr T
(Pug) 20pts
        Leonard’s Plenard Too Hot To Handle
        (Shih Tzu) 20pts
        McKenna's Ismirelle's Hot Horizon
        (Chihuahua Long Coat) 20pts 
        McMorrow & Martin's Mademoisella Coco
        Forussi Jun Ch
(Maltese) 20pts
        McMorrow & Martin's Ch Ripley Wonder Of
        Love Jun Ch
(Maltese) 20pts
        Summersgill's Prince Timmy From
        Bohemica Land
(Havanese) 20pts
42nd Andrew-Tempest's Qanda Lhi's U-Tsang At
         Mikudi Jun Ch
(Tibetan Terrier) 15pts
         Bell-Carolan's Ch Puddlesworth One Step
         At A Time
(Tibetan Spaniel) 15pts
         Carroll & Newman's Ch Tussauld
         Continuing Story
(Papillon) 15pts
         Carty-Parge & Parge's Flordecuba Jacinto
         (Havanese) 15pts
         Fisher's Flash Of Joy Evolution (Pug) 15pts
         Jackson & White's Ch, Dutch & Int Benatone
         Rings Of Gold
(Maltese) 15pts
         Loveless’ Multi Ch Arbens Epic Swagg Of
         Los Perritos
(Havanese) 15pts
         McCormack's Ch Obsessn Pacific Jewel
         (Poodle Standard) 15pts
         McKenna's Chanticos The Notorious
         (Chihuahua Long Coat) 15pts
         Minogue's Lereveur Petite Perle
         (French Bulldog) 15pts
         Murphy's Rivendell Heir Apparant
         (Japanese Chin) 15pts
         Prado Pena's Multi Ch Amazing Dance
(Havanese) 15pts
         Rowe's Ch Fabiola Phoenix Le Chien
(Poodle Standard) 15pts
         Rowe's Fabiola You Are My Sunshine
         (Poodle Standard) 15pts
         Viarnikouskaya's Ch Milyi Angel Khalisi At
         Waggingtail Jun Ch

         (Russian Toy Long Haired) 15pts
57th Boyd & Taggart's Canmoy's Boston
(Boston Terrier) 10pts
        Clarke's Lestatt Picasso
        (Chihuahua Smooth Coat) 10pts
        Conlon & Kotani's Ch & GB Ch Rathbrist
        Whispering Hope Jun Ch

        (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 10pts
        Grant-Cook's Kerronmor Wings Of An
        Angel Jun Ch
(Pug) 10pts
        Hurley’s Ch Tudorhurst Dark Prince
        (King Charles Spaniel) 10pts
        Mcnally & Walker's Ch & Int Ch Timazinti’s
        Khyi Of Dreams At Ponpori Jun Ch

        (Lhasa Apso) 10pts
        Murphy's Rivendell Think Of Me
        (Japanese Chin) 10pts
        Sullivan & Rosengrave's Ch & Int Ch Heneva
        Secret Agent
(Poodle Miniature) 10pts
        Thomas, Faurite & Kiernan's Ch Windpaw
        Jewel In The Eyes Jun Ch
(Shih Tzu) 10pts