Group 8 - GAIN Topdog
Result to Dublin DSS
1st  Keelan's Ch & Int Ch Bunnybois Brainstorm At Tejas
      (Spaniel American Cocker) 320pts

2nd  Casey & Cavallo's GB Sh Ch & Aus Sup Ch Sandicam The Look Of
(Spaniel English Springer) 230pts

3rd  Bryant, Nelson & Morris' Am Ch & GB Sh Ch Silhouette Troubling
         Nasailleen With Mycalleys
(Spaniel American Cocker) 190pts

4th  Jackson & Wright's Sh Ch Caci's Just Take A Look At Lacsar
        Jun Ch
(Retriever Flat Coated) 180pts 

5th   Reynolds' Sh Ch, GB Sh Ch & Nl Ch Wyclydo's Fast As The Wind At
(Spaniel Clumber) 175pts

6th  Moran's Ch & GB Sh Ch Alamanza Final Impact
        (Retriever Flat Coated) 140pts

7th  Brennan's Sh Ch Kerrijoy's Sirocco Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 125pts

8th  Heffernan's Sh Ch Cummac Pastures Of Gold At Lisartan
        (Retriever Golden) 90pts

9th  O'Donoghue's Sh Ch Philipstown Wicked Lady Jun Ch
        (Retriever Labrador) 80pts
10th Archibald's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Abinvale Levanto Jun Ch
         (Retriever Golden) 75pts
         Gibson's Sh Ch Rysalka Dance Major At Brookhaven Jun Ch
         (Portuguese Water Dog) 75pts

12th Walsh's Sh Ch Silveross Spiritualized Jun Ch
         (Spaniel American Cocker) 60pts

13th Moran's Sh Ch Shinehill Summer Jazz Of Woodmore
         (Retriever Golden) 50pts

14th Dempsey's Dromtacker Made To Order Jun Ch
         (Retriever Labrador) 45pts
15th Donaldson's Sh Ch Silveross Van Halen Sings Cherdon
         (Spaniel American Cocker) 40pts
         O'Neill's Sh Ch Benoveor Olympus Has Fallen Jun Ch
         (Spaniel Welsh Springer) 40pts
17th Brennan's Sh Ch Backhills Hunky Dory With Kerrijoy Jun Ch
         (Spaniel Cocker) 35pts
         Conway's Stanegate Over The Sea (Spaniel Irish Water) 35pts
         Keelan's Ch Aesku Dance In The Mirror Jun Ch
         (Spaniel American Cocker) 35pts
20th Archibald's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Abinvale Mystic River Jun Ch
         (Retriever Golden) 30pts
         Brennan's Kerrijoy Doris Day (Spaniel Cocker) 30pts
         Callaghan's Bannabeach CJ Stander (Retriever Labrador) 30pts
23rd Collins' Erinderry Snowbird (Retriever Golden) 25pts
         Kennedy's Cilleigne Ciodhna (Spaniel Irish Water) 25pts
         Maguire's Kerrijoy's Jazzy June (Spaniel Cocker) 25pts
         McEntee & McEntee-O'Sullivan's Baysway Sweet Serenade Jun Ch
         (Spaniel Cocker) 25pts
         McNeill's Cashallie Feel The Beat Jun Ch (Retriever Labrador) 25pts
         Savage's Weisford Trials And Tribulations (Retriever Golden) 25pts
29th Brennan's Sh Ch Kerrijoy Valentino Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 20pts
         Byers' Sh Ch Havergrove Into The Flames At Balibeau
         (Retriever Golden) 20pts
         Callaghan's Bannabeach Charlottes Web
         (Retriever Labrador) 20pts
         Cullen’s Philipstown Lexington (Retriever Labrador) 20pts
         Cummin's Cummac Beacon Of Hope (Retriever Golden) 20pts
         Dynes' Sh Ch Sandseers Making Waves For Cedardyne Jun Ch
         (Retriever Golden) 20pts
         Finlay's Sh Ch & Int Ch Lamintone Áine Runs Riot At Aughnaleck
         Jun Ch
(Retriever Flat Coated) 20pts
         Haplin’s Moonlone Harvester (Spaniel Welsh Springer) 20pts
         South & Armstrong's Sh Ch Roslieve Main Attraction
         (Retriever Labrador) 20pts
38th Archibald's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Abinvale The Aviator Jun Ch
         (Retriever Golden) 15pts
         Douglas’ Talard Cee Three Pee Ohh (Retriever Labrador) 15pts
         Dunne's Ch & Int Ch Krisbos Heavy Mist Jun Ch
         (Retriever Curly Coated) 15pts
         Knapp's Sh Ch & Int Ch Templecarrig Sky High Jun Ch
         (Spaniel English Springer) 15pts
        Laverty's Sh Ch Laveris Instyle (Spaniel Cocker) 15pts
         Walsh's Arrowmoy Manhattan Skyline Jun Ch
         (Retriever Labrador) 15pts
44th Brennan's Kerrijoy The Ice King (Spaniel Cocker) 10pts
         Dempsey's Sh Ch Carpenny Verona At Dromtacker Jun Ch
         (Retriever Labrador) 10pts
         Dunne's Ch & Int Ch Krisbos Hopsy Daisy Jun Ch
         (Retriever Curly Coated) 10pts
         Gillen & Rippon's Gaesten Tit For Tat (Lagotto Romagnolo) 10pts
         Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford's Otto De Aronagua Del
(Spanish Water Dog) 10pts
         Johns' Gemson Paloma (Portuguese Water Dog) 10pts
         Kelly's Sh Ch Fairfield Florencia For Zenevieva Jun Ch
         (Retriever Golden) 10pts
         Knapp's Templecarrig Orange Moon Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 10pts
         Loughlin's Waldheim Gareth Yr Arwr Jun Ch
         (Spaniel Welsh Springer) 10pts
         Peterson's Cassom Moonbeam (Spaniel Cocker) 10pts
         Ryan's Francini's Louisiana At Donatal (Spaniel Cocker) 10pts
         South & Armstrong's Sh Ch Roslieve Mr Darcs Jun Ch
         (Retriever Labrador) 10pts
         Teze's Fr & Int Ch Grouse Des Haies De La Conchee
         (Spaniel Field) 10pts
         White’s Riverrun Dusk To Dawn (Retriever Chesapeake Bay) 10pts

E & OE