Group 7 - GAIN Topdog
Result to Dublin DSS
1st  Cummings & Lawless' Sh Ch & Int Sh Ch Kanix Kroner At
      Sevenhills Jun Ch
(Pointer) 695pts

2nd  Gibson's Sh Ch Zilverein Strike A Pose In Vogue
         (Weimaraner) 185pts

3rd  Armitage's GB Sh Ch Gwendariff Coco Nut Cream
        (Setter Irish) 160pts

4th  Dodds & Pearson's Ch & VDH Ch Braccorions Juno What
        (Bracco Italiano) 145pts

5th  Mcdermott's Sh Ch Cilleigne Cu Chulainn At Drumlace
        (Setter Irish Red and White) 105pts
6th  Gettings' Sh Ch & Int Ch Beechillawn Sound Of The Underground
        Jun Ch
(German Wire Haired Pointer) 95pts
        Hughes' Sh Ch Corraneelish Pheasant At Cloonminda Jun Ch
        (Setter Irish) 95pts
        Kenneally & Jones' Sh Ch Minama I'm On Fire Jun Ch
        (Weimaraner) 95pts 
        Mervyn's Sh Ch & Luc Sh Ch Tomanipoint Celtic Knight
        (German Short Haired Pointer) 95pts

10th Donnelly's Sh Ch & Int Sh Ch Millcroft Whispering Moon Jun Ch
         (Setter Irish) 70pts   

11th Loughlin's Sh Ch & Int Ch Rohanmor It's All About Alfie Jun Ch
         (Setter Irish) 60pts
12th Mclarnon's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Gwendariff Nuts Aboutu Glenavna
         (Setter Irish) 55pts
         Mervyn's Tomanipoint Annie's Mazurka
         (German Short Haired Pointer) 55pts
14th Caffrey's Sh Ch Weidovan Quick Silver Hugel Jun Ch
         (Weimaraner) 45pts
         Gracie's Vistador Diesel In The Dust Summergate Jun Ch
         (Setter Irish) 45pts
         Kennedy's Sh Ch & Int Ch Zilverein Straight No Chazer Jun Ch
         (Weimaraner) 45pts
         Knowles & Glen's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Afterglow Hashtag Scandal
         At Bessalone
(Italian Spinone) 45pts
         Quinn and McNamara's Sh Ch Ludstar Giacometti At Kilnacourt
         (Setter Gordon) 45pts
19th Fleming's Glenariff Golden Moon (Pointer) 35pts
         Moffatt's Fab Point Joaninha Voa Voa At Paddockpoint Jun Ch
         (Portuguese Pointing Dog) 35pts
21st Baker's Risley Look No Further At Dalmaigheo
         (Hungarian Vizsla) 30pts
         Gettings' Sh Ch & Int Ch Beechillawn Wired For Sound Jun Ch
         (German Wire Haired Pointer) 30pts
         Kenneally & Jones' Le Havre Marseille To Minama Jun Ch
         (Spaniel Brittany) 30pts
24th Carty & Carty-Parge's Ch & Lux Ch Wansleydale Woodpecker At
          Berrywood Jun Ch
(Setter English) 25pts
          Kelly's Risley Great Expectations (Hungarian Vizsla) 25pts
26th Carty & Carty-Parge's Gamerights Phoenix From The Flame
         (Setter English) 20pts
         Cozens' Multi Ch Bannonbrig Lady Marmalade At Dinahtron
         (Italian Spinone) 20pts
         Harrison's Millpont Hopes N'Dreams (Pointer) 20pts
         Havens' Sh Ch Le Havre Jard (Spaniel Brittany) 20pts
         Loughlin's Sh Ch Rohanmor Jorja On My Mind Jun Ch
         (Setter Irish) 20pts 
31st Cozens' Multi Ch Bannonbrig Ralfie Rude At Ballyadeen Jun Ch
         (Italian Spinone) 15pts
         Cummings & Walker's Kanix Orchestra At Petwalk (Pointer) 15pts
         Dolan's Sh Ch Cilleigne Finn Mac Cumhaill Jun Ch
         (Setter Irish Red and White) 15pts
         Gettings' Sh Ch & Int Ch Kimmax Krystal Klear Of Beechillawn
         Jun Ch
(German Wire Haired Pointer) 15pts
         Henry’s Locksheath Black Cravat (Setter Gordon) 15pts
         McCready's Multi Ch Fugelere Sirocco At Tuke Glen (Pointer) 15pts
         Mervyn's Sh Ch, GB & Int Sh Ch Karlivar Dusky Rose At
         Tomanipoint Jun Ch
(German Short Haired Pointer) 15pts
         Park, Hough & Kelly's Sh Ch Minvery's Angus Mcduff
(Setter Gordon) 15pts
         Stewart-Ritchie's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper
         (Setter Irish) 15pts
40th Connolly's Huntly Truly Scrumptious (Weimaraner) 10pts
         Gettings' Beechillawn Eureka Diamond
         (German Wire Haired Pointer) 10pts
         Kelly's Sh Ch Aceweis Possum Magic At Risley Jun Ch
         (Hungarian Vizsla) 10pts
         Kelly's Fendi Girl On Fire At Risley (Hungarian Vizsla) 10pts
         Loughlin's Sh Ch Cliathan Tia (Spaniel Brittany) 10pts
         Mckiernan's GB Sh Ch Richecca Breaking Dawn Over Bushbane
         (Setter English) 10pts
         Morunova's Rus Ch Ambravittoriya Amadeus
         (Hungarian Vizsla) 10pts
         Mullarkey's Sh Ch Creenacarraig Blue Saphire Jun Ch
         (Setter English) 10pts
         Quinn & McNamara's Clannrua Lord Henry At Kilnacourt
(Setter Irish) 10pts
         Robertson's Almu Sadhbh From Imperial Oak Stud
         (Setter Irish Red and White) 10pts
         Walsh's Fairhaven Xperia At Ardbraccan (Setter Irish) 10pts
         White's Bluemoves Michigan Jun Ch (Hungarian Vizsla) 10pts