1st  Hastings, Richardson & Marder's
        Ch Lambluvs Irish Brew
        (Old English Sheepdog) 395pts

2nd  Doody's Ch Aoiristar Rebellious
        (Australian Shepherd Dog) 175pts

3rd  McKenna's Ch Nikolaev Tyrion At Davdeir
       Jun Ch
(Bouvier Des Flandres) 140pts

4th  Matthews' Ch Craigycor Viva Las Vegas
       (Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 120pts

5th  Connolly & Gregory's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch
       Tonkory Gold Digger At Huntly

       (Collie Border) 90pts

6th  Lawless' Ch Revloch Just The Ticket
       (Belgian Shepherd Tervueren) 85pts
7th  Castillo & Fortune's Ch & GB Ch Edglonian
       Blue Fortune
(Shetland Sheepdog) 80pts
8th  Castillo & Fortune's Ch, Can & Lux Ch
       Grandgables Romantica

       (Shetland Sheepdog) 75pts
       Niblock's Ch Knockwood Yohann
       (German Shepherd Dog) 75pts

10th Douglas' Ch Talard Lethal Weapon Jun Ch
        (Australian Shepherd Dog) 70pts

11th Long-Doyle's Multi Ch Pumidoro Splinter
        At Longsdyle Jun Ch
(Pumi) 65pts

12th Dunne's Ch Yagodka At Longrange S
        Egerskoy Slobody Jun Ch

        (Shetland Sheepdog) 60pts

13th Castillo & Fortune's Navarrem Fortuna Girl
        (Shetland Sheepdog) 55pts

14th Hickey's Locheill Special Surprise For
(Collie Border) 50pts
15th O'Neill Caraher's Sh Ch & Int Ch Huntly I
        Ain't No Panda Jun Ch
(Collie Border) 45pts
        Reeves' Fearnach Crusador
        (Shetland Sheepdog) 45pts
17th Dempsey's Ch & Int Ch Bellablue
        Bewitched By Scallywag Jun Ch

        (Old English Sheepdog) 40pts
        Doyle's Ch Little Barbie Girl Des Romarins
        De Mayerling For Sevenoaks Jun Ch

        (Shetland Sheepdog) 40pts
        O Donoghue's Triplemoon Iris Blue
        (Australian Shepherd Dog) 40pts
20th Connolly’s Huntly Steel River
        (Collie Border) 35pts
        Devitt's Caronlea Charlie Brown
        (Collie Rough) 35pts
        Lattimer's Beardie Connections Quino
        Jun Ch
(Collie Bearded) 35pts
        Wilson's Chadbower Nevan Henki Mit
(Schipperke) 35pts
24th Castillo & Fortune's Ch, GB & Lux Ch
        Navarrem Fortune Lady Jun Ch

        (Shetland Sheepdog) 30pts
        Keeling's Ch Fearnach Show Me Heaven
        In Kishdigra Jun Ch

        (Shetland Sheepdog) 30pts
26th Bailie's Ch Alberdale Christov Of
        Moslindenlea Jun Ch

        (German Shepherd Dog) 25pts
        Cahill's Ch & L Ch Youandi Alive And
        Kicking Jun Ch
(Old English Sheepdog) 25pts
        Doyle's Ch Sevenoaks Angel By My Side
        Jun Ch
(Shetland Sheepdog) 25pts
        Fieldsend's Nl Ch You Bring Me Joy
        Moravia Campanella
(Briard) 25pts
        Hasting’s Raggletaggle Angel’s Share
        (Old English Sheepdog) 25pts
        Jones & Gibbons' Wispafete Start Of
        Something Jun Ch

        (Bouvier Des Flandres) 25pts
        Keeling's Kishdigra Amazed By Me
        (Shetland Sheepdog) 25pts
        Kelly's Kongishof Secretariat
        (German Shepherd Dog) 25pts
        Lawless' Ch, GB & Dutch Ch Revloch Figo
        (Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael) 25pts
        McNally's Ch Comamage Lily Langtree
        Jun Ch
(Collie Rough) 25pts
        Mulrooney's Bellablue Beauty Bear Jun Ch
        (Old English Sheepdog) 25pts
37th Balmer's Ch Alberdale Xamira
        (German Shepherd Dog) 20pts
        Cahill's Ch Shaggylands Class Act Jun Ch
        (Old English Sheepdog) 20pts
        Daly's Abylity Vivaldi
(Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael) 20pts
        Farr's Ch & Int Ch Bearamor Gypsey At
(Old English Sheepdog) 20pts
        Finnegan's Ch Fearnach Custom Made For
        Likinwuf Jun Ch
(Shetland Sheepdog) 20pts
        Frost's Ch Ryeman Rekha At Frostisen
        (Schipperke) 20pts
        Gachewicz's Bat-Boss Z Piaszczystrj Gorki
        Jun Ch

        (German Shepherd Dog (Long Coat)) 20pts
        Keogh's Huntly Ruby Tuesday
        (Collie Border) 20pts
        McCormick's Towernaglen Mystique
        (Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 20pts
        McDonald’s Ch Tooralie’s Edition De Luxe
        At Fearnach Jun Ch

        (Shetland Sheepdog) 20pts
        Mulcahy's Ch Kazjs Simply Irrestible
        (Collie Rough) 20pts
        Wall's Daliyhaa Chique (Collie Rough) 20pts
49th Butler's Keebleway Blue Star
        (Welsh Corgi Cardigan) 15pts
        Connolly’s Huntly Gotcha At Hello
        (Collie Border) 15pts
        Donaldson's Ch Revloch Love Me Do
        Jun Ch

        (Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael) 15pts
        Lawless' Arcos-Queen V.D.

        (Bouvier Des Flandres) 15pts
        Mulrooney's Bellablue Powder Puff Jun Ch
        (Old English Sheepdog) 15pts
        O'Briain's Straightlines Secret Love At
(Collie Smooth) 15pts
        Quinn, Douglas & O'Leary's Talard Some
        Kinda Wonderful

        (Australian Shepherd Dog) 15pts
        Tyrell’s Graloch Memphis Jun Ch
        (German Shepherd Dog) 15pts
57th Burnett's Ch & GB Ch Mon Cher Mustang
        Sally Jun Ch
(Bouvier Des Flandres) 10pts
        Matthews' Craigycor Dynamo
        (Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 10pts
        McKenna's Ch J’Liberte Du Clos De La
(Bouvier Des Flandres) 10pts

Group 1 - GAIN Topdog
Result to Dublin DSS