Group 10 - GAIN Topdog
Result to Coleraine
1st  Appleby, Minchin, Edwards & Mulvaney's
Ch, GB & Int Ch Davashey To Tell The
        Truth Jun Ch
(Afghan Hound) 325pts

2nd  Nolan's Ch Collooney Candy Floss
        (Whippet) 305pts

3rd  Bollard O.Callaghan's Popovs Kir Royal
       (Afghan Hound) 130pts

4th  Gargan's Ch Ferseithean Of Skerryhill
       (Irish Wolfhound) 95pts

5th  Roden & Keyse's Estet Classic Playfellow
       With Taevas
(Greyhound) 85pts

6th  Wade's Ch, GB & Int Ch Turigner Wind In
       The Willows Jun Ch

       (Italian Greyhound) 75pts

7th  Clarke's Inara Of Shantamon
       (Irish Wolfhound) 65pts

8th  Thompson's Ch Sobers Wrennah Of
(Greyhound) 50pts
9th  Albert's Simply Infatuated With Zancuda
(Borzoi) 40pts
       Bartusch, Demmerling & Khan's Iason
       Ailesbury Of Gentle Mind
(Whippet) 40pts 
       Finney's Gulliagh Boom Bang A Bang
       (Irish Wolfhound) 40pts
12th Dunne's Ch Swala's Shi-Senti Jun Ch
        (Azawakh) 35pts 
        Mooney's Ch & Int Ch Rosslyn Quartet
        Jun Ch
(Deerhound) 35pts

14th Grogan, O'Herlihy & Lindsay's Ulmarra Naa
        Jun Ch
(Saluki) 30pts
15th Arden's Chernomor Russkaya Zabawa Of
        Greenhaven Jun Ch
(Borzoi) 25pts
        Finney's Isnalera Gimme Shelter At
        Gulliagh Jun Ch
(Irish Wolfhound) 25pts
        Gibson's Ch El-Ubaid's Utopia Mandana Of
        Brookhaven Jun Ch
(Saluki) 25pts
        Matthews' You Tube Star Of Gentle Mind
        Jun Ch
(Whippet) 25pts
19th Dunne's Ch Ruweis Tibr Jun Ch
        (Saluki) 20pts
        Dunne's Ch Jada-Jahimi Al Djiibaajah At
(Saluki) 20pts
        Finney's Gulliagh Vulcan
        (Irish Wolfhound) 20pts
        Foran's Donskoi Tanets S Volkami
        (Borzoi) 20pts
        Smith's Uella Tramore
        (Irish Wolfhound) 20pts
        Tomasovicova's Ch Kill Bill Roan Inish
        (Irish Wolfhound) 20pts
25th Bollard O.Callaghan's Ch, GB & Int Ch
        Ashahni Amir Jun Ch

        (Afghan Hound) 15pts
        Briscoe's Ailesbury Ziggy Stardust At
(Whippet) 15pts
        Coulter & Fletcher's Ch Collooney Prawn
        Star Jun Ch
(Whippet) 15pts
        Coulter, Shaw-Rainey, Rainey & Place's
Collooney Keltic Cowboy With Starchelle
        (Whippet) 15pts
        Rooney's Merenptah Wind At Zeatana
        (Saluki) 15pts
        Tomasovicova's Norah Jones Roan Inish
        (Irish Wolfhound) 15pts
31st Cuthbert & Minogue's Ch & Int Ch Donskoi
(Borzoi) 10pts
        Foran's Ischyma Xclusive Jewel
        (Borzoi) 10pts
        Goff's Selinko Faith Star (Whippet) 10pts
        Harvey's Lynx Winter Solstice Of
(Borzoi) 10pts
        Mooney's Ch Zafonic Gueroy Jun Ch
        (Borzoi) 10pts
        Thompson's Ch Barnesmore Wizard King
        (Whippet) 10pts
        Thompson's Ch Jasmine At Barnesmore
        Des Legendes Du Moyen Age

        (Greyhound) 10pts