Group 9 - Legacy Leaderboard
2017 Final Result
1st  Carroll & Newman's Multi Ch Expana's Sea Dragon Conqueror (Papillon) 430pts

2nd  O'Neill's Trendylook Hedley Lamarr Jun Ch (Pekingese) 170pts

3rd  Burns & Coghlan's Ch Dinastii The Libertine Afterglow Jun Ch (Poodle Standard) 165pts

4th  Burns, Coghlan & Howard's Ch Grayco Poetic Image Jun Ch (Poodle Toy) 125pts

5th  Connolly's Petit Ami's Set Fire To The Rain Jun Ch (Bichon Frise) 90pts

6th  Connolly's Ch Ashmair Double Trouble Jun Ch (Bichon Frise) 80pts

7th  Lloyd's Owenavera Hashtag Charlie (Lhasa Apso) 70pts
8th  O'Reilly's Ch Tirkane Limited Edition Jun Ch (Poodle Toy) 65pts
        McMorrow & Martin's Ch Ripley Wonder Of Love Jun Ch (Maltese) 65pts

10th Bryant & Ryan's Tirkane Constellation (Poodle Toy) 60pts
11th Gibson & Hitt's Ch & GB Ch Miracey Rebel Rider (Shih Tzu) 55pts
         Jackson & White's Ch, Dutch & Int Benatone Rings Of Gold (Maltese) 55pts     

13th Van Oosten's Multi Ch Happy Dancing Techno Trance (Chinese Crested) 35pts
14th Carty-Parge & Parge's Flordecuba Jacinto (Havanese) 30pts
         Croarkin & Castillo's Kesasonas Little Hank (French Bulldog) 30pts
         Fallon's Clodana Expelliarmusa Jun Ch (Pug) 30pts
         Keenan's Sleepybrook Let Me Entertain U (Poodle Medium) 30pts
         Martin's Ch & Int Ch Glencross De Ja Vu Jun Ch (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 30pts
19th Alford's Ch & GB Ch Araki Kaught Ulookin At Christate (Tibetan Terrier) 25pts
         Allegretti's Ch Funkypp Wild Affair (Poodle Standard) 25pts
         Clancy's Fladerlyckans Agren (Tibetan Spaniel) 25pts
         Dowty, Begg & Davidson's Ch Little White Wonder Othello Matteo (Bolognese) 25pts
         Gould's Manoir's Air Force Zero Jun Ch (Bichon Frise) 25pts
         Mcnally & Walker's Ch Timazinti's Khyi Of Dreams At Ponpori Jun Ch (Lhasa Apso) 25pts
         Mooney's Talltales Oscar De La Renta Jun Ch (Chinese Crested) 25pts
         Murphy's Rivendell Christine Daae (Japanese Chin) 25pts
         Tawse's Schpindel Laserbeam At Tazziemin Jun Ch (Poodle Standard) 25pts
28th Allegretti's Funkypp Dashing Affair (Poodle Standard) 20pts
         Ashton's GB & Nl Ch Tangetoppen's Take A Hint (Pug) 20pts
         Biro & Summergill's Hu Ch Christas Jumpy Clown Boston (Havanese) 20pts
         Gracie's Vital Way Hip Hop Bellicose Jun Ch (French Bulldog) 20pts
         Mckenna's Chanticos The Notorious (Chihuahua Long Coat) 20pts
         Mills & Dixie's Touché's Emerald Emiko Jun Ch (Japanese Chin) 20pts
         O'Brien's Ch, GB & Int Ch Rosanley The Adonis At Torfness (Tibetan Spaniel) 20pts
         Roberts' GB Ch Marbledale Perfection (Lhasa Apso) 20pts
         Sheridan's Toffs Rough And Ready (Griffon Bruxellois) 20pts
37th Buoey's Rix Chix I Am Amazing At Chibull (Chihuahua Long Coat) 15pts
         Conlon & Kotani's Ch & GB Ch Rathbrist Whispering Hope Jun Ch (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 15pts
         Gault & Stanley's Ch Moonwhispers Redesigned (Pekingese) 15pts
         Gibson's Miracey Fruitylicious At Virtuvilage (Shih Tzu) 15pts
         Gura-Mallon's Celticlibrid Dare T'Believe (French Bulldog) 15pts
         Hamilton's Ch Takaira Texan Town (Boston Terrier) 15pts
         MacCallion's Ashmair Surprise Surprise For Anniluvs Jun Ch (Bichon Frise) 15pts
         O'Flaherty's Pleasantnook King of Clubs Jun Ch (Pug) 15pts
         O'Kane's Ch & Int Ch Linberg Celtic Lady Senghem (Lhasa Apso) 15pts
         Summersgill & Doherty's Bright Star At Clanlee (Coton de Tulear) 15pts
         Summersgill & Watson's Clanlee Chief Of The Clan At Buoncasa (Coton de Tulear) 15pts
         Wade's Ch Saoirian About A Boy (Phalene) 15pts
49th Andrew-Tempest's Mikudi Mustang Sally (Tibetan Terrier) 10pts
         Blevins' Ch Blevwils Magic Spell Jun Ch (Pekingese) 10pts
         Boyd & Taggart’s Canmoy’s Boston Ride ‘em Cowgirl (Boston Terrier) 10pts
         Burns, Coghlan & Howard's Grayco Zhazam (Poodle Toy) 10pts
         Cooper's Alchinettes Gorgeous Kin Jun Ch (Japanese Chin) 10pts
         Corneille's Ch & Int Ch Falamandus New Name For Lilasong Jun Ch (Tibetan Terrier) 10pts
         Finlay & Harkin's Ch Trewlimee's Angel Of Harlem Jun Ch (Boston Terrier) 10pts
         Fisher's Flash Of Joy Here I Come (Pug) 10pts
         Gura-Mallon's Celticlibrid All About Me (French Bulldog) 10pts
         Hurley's Maibee Macmoffat (King Charles Spaniel) 10pts
         Sloan's Ch Elendil Aramond (Phalene) 10pts
         Szczygiel's Zest Of Beauty Aldaha At Castletoy (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 10pts
         Tate-Byrne's Ch Siddhartha Quirky 'N Quaint Jun Ch (Tibetan Terrier) 10pts