Group 1 - GAIN Topdog
2017 Final Result
1st  Hastings, Richardson & Marder's Ch Lambluvs Irish Brew
       (Old English Sheepdog) 360pts

2nd  O'Neill Caraher's Sh Ch & Int Ch Huntly I Ain't No Panda Jun Ch
         (Collie Border) 200pts

3rd  Connolly's Ch Nahrof Blurred Lines At Huntly (Collie Border) 185pts
4th  Castillo & Fortune's Ch & GB Ch Edglonian Blue Fortune
        (Shetland Sheepdog) 155pts
        Long-Doyle's Ch Pumidoro Splinter At Longsdyle Jun Ch
        (Pumi) 155pts
6th  McKenna's Ch Nikolaev Tyrion At Davdeir Jun Ch
        (Bouvier Des Flandres) 105pts
7th  Niblock's Ch Knockwood Macey Jun Ch
       (German Shepherd Dog) 100pts
8th  Castillo & Fortune's Ch, GB, Dutch & Lux Ch Irish Legend Of
        Navarrem Jun Ch
(Shetland Sheepdog) 75pts
        Castillo & Fortune's Ch, GB & Lux Ch Navarrem Fortune Lady
        Jun Ch
(Shetland Sheepdog) 75pts

10th Niblock's Ch Knockwood Wednesday
         (German Shepherd Dog) 70pts
11th Doody's Aoirístar Rebellious (Australian Shepherd Dog) 65pts
         Lawless' Ch, GB & Dutch Ch Revloch Figo
         (Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael) 65pts

13th Doyle's Ch Sevenoaks Angel By My Side Jun Ch
         (Shetland Sheepdog) 55pts

14th O'mahoney's Ch Chawton Sam Smith Jun Ch
         (Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 50pts
15th Castillo & Fortune's Ch, Can  & Lux Ch Grandgables Romantica
         (Shetland Sheepdog) 45pts
         Devitt's Caronlea Lukin Black Jun Ch (Collie Rough) 45pts
         Hurley's Nensy Von Yugerschof (German Shepherd Dog) 45pts
         Niblock's Knockwood Yohann (German Shepherd Dog) 45pts
         Timmins' Ch Brackenhaye Desert Rose At Kynan Jun Ch
         (Collie Smooth) 45pts
20th Dempsey's Ch & Int Ch Bellablue Bewitched By Scallywag Jun Ch
         (Old English Sheepdog) 40pts
         Dunne's Yagodka At Longrange S Egerskoy Slobody
         (Shetland Sheepdog) 40pts
         Howard's Keesla Annika (German Shepherd Dog) 40pts
         Lawless' Revloch Juicy Couture
         (Belgian Shepherd Tervueren) 40pts
         Matthews' Ch, GB Ch & Int Ch Craigycor Viva La Diva
         (Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 40pts
25th Matthews' Craigycor Viva Las Vegas (Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 35pts
         Mulcahy's Ch Steadwyn Sunday Suit (Collie Rough) 35pts

27th Farr's Ch Bearmor Gypsey At Raggletaggle
         Old English Sheepdog) 25pts
28th Farrell’s Karyshanty Pure Destiny of Moifara
         (Shetland Sheepdog) 20pts
         Fowler's Ch & Int Ch Original Of The Species Higgings At Carlindale
         Jun Ch
(Collie Bearded) 20pts
         Matthews' Craigycor Dynamo (Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 20pts
         McNally's Roclynn Que Sera For Comamage Jun Ch
         (Collie Rough) 20pts
         Mulrooney's Ch Griland Always On Stage At Bellablue
         (Old English Sheepdog) 20pts
33rd Bourke's Mistyholly Red Peril Jun Ch
         (Australian Shepherd Dog) 15pts
         Brophy & Feehily's Feebroithe Gucci (German Shepherd Dog) 15pts
         Cahill's Ch Shaggylands Class Act Jun Ch
         (Old English Sheepdog) 15pts
         Douglas' Talard Lethal Weapon (Australian Shepherd Dog) 15pts
         Doyle's Sevenoaks Satin And Lace Jun Ch
         (Shetland Sheepdog) 15pts
         Gilliland's Ch Scallywag My Blue Heaven At Castleavery
         (Australian Shepherd Dog) 15pts
         Holmes' Revloch Mister Magoo
(Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois) 15pts
         Kearnan's GB Ch Clynalwin's Kayson
         (German Shepherd Dog) 15pts
         Kelly's Kongishof Man O'War (German Shepherd Dog) 15pts
         Lowry's Moncher Joshua Tree (Bouvier Des Flandres) 15pts
         Mcdonald's Fahra Vom Taffhaustaff (German Shepherd Dog) 15pts
44th Allan's Allmark Shenanigans (Australian Shepherd Dog) 10pts
         Burnett's Ch Opus Mon Cher Klementyna Z Flandryjskiego Gniazda
         Jun Ch
(Bouvier Des Flandres) 10pts
         Delaney's Rowlands Gorgeous Gael Jun Ch (Collie Rough) 10pts
         Douglas' Ch Allmark Naughty But Nice Jun Ch
         (Australian Shepherd Dog) 10pts
         Drewery's Ch & Int Ch Demelewis Fable Moon Over Elshadene
(Collie Rough) 10pts
         Foster's Fostebrie Fantasy (Briard) 10pts
         Holmes' Ch Aradet Captain Jack By Dencas Jun Ch
         (Schipperke) 10pts
         Keeling's Fearnach Show Me Heaven In Kishdigra Jun Ch
         (Shetland Sheepdog) 10pts
         McCormick's Towernaglen Mystique (Welsh Corgi Pembroke) 10pts
         Mulcahy's Kazjs Simply Irrestible (Collie Rough) 10pts
         Lawless' Ch & GB Ch Revloch Harry Potter
         (Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael) 10pts