Group 2 - Legacy Leaderboard
Result to Dublin
1st Connolly & Scanlon's Ch Nujax Johnny Cash Jun Ch (Schnauzer Miniature) 200pts

2nd Stubbs & Lenihan's Ch & GB Ch Cotarinn Fright Night (Rottweiler) 190pts
3rd  Cutts & Galvin's GB Ch Kenamu Break The Mould Merrybear (Newfoundland) 125pts
4th  Fitzsimons' Ch Fitzkin Has It Jun Ch (Dobermann Pinscher) 75pts
       Semjonova's Robmarralee Back In Black (Giant Schnauzer) 75pts

6th  Thornton & Winston's Benton Track Back (Boxer) 70pts

7th Moore's Ch Leokings Lionheart At Hillhaven Jun Ch (Leonberger) 65pts
8th  Cullen's Ch Tuwos Impeccable Jun Ch (Dobermann Pinscher) 60pts
        Holmes & Lyons' Ch & Int Kalaslane Kick Ass (Black Russian Terrier) 60pts
        Magee & Sweeney's Ch Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo Of Tarbhore Jun Ch (Bullmastiff) 60pts

11th Graham's Gongar King Henry Bulls (Bulldog) 55pts
12th Chapman's Merrybear D'Artagnan (Newfoundland) 50pts
         Doyle's √Ālainndanes Sweet Childs Command Decision Jun Ch (Great Dane) 50pts
         Long-Doyle's Ch, Lux & Int Ch Il Divo Roly By Longsdyle Jun Ch (St. Bernard Long Haired) 50pts
        Topping's Rottsworth Halle Berry Jun Ch (Rottweiler) 50pts
16th Butler's Ch Siansela Louisa's Alpine Sky Jun Ch (Bernese Mountain Dog) 45pts
         Orr's Ch & GB Ch Odessey Hey Jude At Tikaram (Rottweiler) 45pts
         Orr's Ch Tikaram Uptown Girl (Rottweiler) 45pts

19th Moore's Rozenyas Playin With Fire Jun Ch (Dobermann Pinscher) 40pts
20th Moore's Lempileijonan Aito Suomileijonat At Hillhaven Jun Ch (Leonberger) 35pts
         Ni She's Multi Ch & Int Multi Ch Farantino Wot A Thriller At Ruholfia Jun Ch (Dobermann Pinscher) 35pts
         O'Sullivan's Ch Bulabos Jack Of Diamonds (St. Bernard Long Haired) 35pts        
23rd Sales & Wilson's Redoak One Step Beyond (Dogue de Bordeaux) 30pts
         Shelly's Ch Loupei's Satisfy Your Soul Jun Ch (Shar Pei) 30pts
25th Cafferty Rice's GB Ch Santanna Moet And Chandon (Great Dane) 25pts
         Dobbin's Ch & GB Ch Dreamkeepers Brooklynbears Shania (Newfoundland) 25pts
         Dooley's Ch & Lux Ch Ballyfrawley Poker Face Jun Ch (Great Dane) 25pts
         White's Ch Estalea Trigger At Shantona (Rottweiler) 25pts
29th Benson's Ch Tickbern Still On Top At Bernervalley Jun Ch (Bernese Mountain Dog) 20pts
         Cooper's Ch Carennydd Dark Knight Rises Over Confucian Jun Ch (Shar Pei) 20pts
         Dowey's Drakyi Emperor Nero Of Tamdrin (Tibetan Mastiff) 20pts
         Evans' Silbertraum Silver Flame (Giant Schnauzer) 20pts
         Ferguson's Lola Von Bel Kandie Jun Ch (Rottweiler) 20pts
         Gaffney's Bullman Bear Nessessities (Bullmastiff) 20pts
         Kehoe's Boxchon A Bit Of Magic At Keopas (Boxer) 20pts
         Kerrisk's Qing Iverna Mr Bojangles (Shar Pei) 20pts
         Moore's Leokings Centre Stage At Hillhaven Jun Ch (Leonberger) 20pts
         Sheehan's Parleshan Ivan Jun Ch (St. Bernard Short Haired) 20pts
         Thorpe's Ashaka Madame Cyn (Bulldog) 20pts
         Walsh's Yandamar The Mighty Flynn At Ranaldane (Great Dane) 20pts
41st Cockerham's Yakuza's Crossfire (Schnauzer Miniature) 15pts
         Doyle & Kenny's Rottsdale C Me Swagger (Rottweiler) 15pts
         Ferguson & Went's Rudhaanalba Shooting Star (Great Dane) 15pts
         Greer's Althateano The Boss (Dogue de Bordeaux) 15pts
         Hamilton's Sandbears Entertainment Jun Ch (Newfoundland) 15pts
         Hedberg's Swe, No, Fin & Nord Ch Argenta's Nigella (Schnauzer Standard) 15pts
         Holmes & Lyons' Kalaslane Rasputin (Black Russian Terrier) 15pts
         Hughes' Give Me Five From Carraigbern (Bernese Mountain Dog) 15pts
         Jess' Dk, Nor, Sw & Nord Ch Dromorez Drug Dealer (Dogue de Bordeaux) 15pts
         Kerrisk's Ch, Norsk, Lux & Int Ch Chuanfa Compact At Qing Iverna (Shar Pei) 15pts
         Morkute & Foley's Ch Joshabelle I'm Gorgeous And I Know It At Zarimus Jun Ch (Rottweiler) 15pts
         Quinn's Ch Alkahest Kleo (Pinscher Miniature) 15pts
53rd Doyle's √Ālainndanes Miracle Man (Great Dane) 10pts
          Embleton's Ch & GB Ch Bernemcourt Fascination Jun Ch (Bernese Mountain Dog) 10pts
          Greer's Merrybear Ever So Clever At Elizabay Jun Ch (Newfoundland) 10pts
          Jay & Collie's Ch & GB Ch Edstrong Diamond Jubilee (Bulldog) 10pts
          Moore's Asssi Tsaritsa At Rozenyas Jun Ch (Pinscher Miniature) 10pts
          O'Shaughnessy's Bullimeepride Banksey (Bulldog) 10pts
          O'Sullivan's Bulabos The Ice Man (St. Bernard Short Haired) 10pts
          Somers' Ravendale Wizadora (Great Dane) 10pts
          Walsh's Ch & Int Ch Dar Og Swagger Jagger Jun Ch (Dogue de Bordeaux) 10pts