Group 8 - GAIN Topdog
Result to Dublin Show
1st  Dunne's Sh Ch Richley Royale Bond (Spaniel Clumber) 310pts

2nd Archibald's Sh Ch Abinvale Mystic River Jun Ch (Retriever Golden) 295pts

3rd  Archibald's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Abinvale The Aviator Jun Ch (Retriever Golden) 110pts

4th  Boardman's Portsann Bling And Sparkle Jun Ch (Spaniel American Cocker) 95pts

5th  Murray's Sh Ch Rathcloon Peaches N Cream Jun Ch (Retriever Golden) 80pts

6th  Archibald's Abinvale Levanto (Retriever Golden) 75pts
7th  Bryant, Nelson & Morris' Mycalleys Bartholomew With Nasailleen (Spaniel American Cocker) 70pts
        Carpanini's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Carpenny Made A Million (Retriever Labrador) 70pts
9th  Dunne's Ch Krisbos Hopsy Daisy Jun Ch (Retriever Curly Coated) 65pts
        Graham's Stiloga Carling Black Label (Spaniel Cocker) 65pts
        Ward's Finndain Dans With My Fartha At Mischtikals (Spaniel American Cocker) 65pts
12th Knapp's Sh Ch Templecarrig Heartbreaker (Spaniel English Springer) 55pts
         Ward's Sh Ch Mischtikals Jorga On My Mind (Spaniel American Cocker) 55pts
14th Duncan’s Sh Ch Redfrith Jack of Diamonds (Spaniel Welsh Springer) 50pts
         Dunne's Richley Ruff Diamond (Spaniel Clumber) 50pts
         Halpin's Sh Ch Moonlone Travelling Man Jun Ch (Spaniel Welsh Springer) 50pts
         Keelan's Bunnybois Brainstorm At Tejas (Spaniel American Cocker) 50pts
         Moran's Ch Shinehill Summer Jazz Of Woodmore (Retriever Golden) 50pts

19th O Sullivan's Stangate Sedge Of Spancilhill (Spaniel Irish Water) 45pts
20th Brennan's Bencleuch Brilliantino At Kerrijoy Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 35pts
         McLoughlin's Bencleuch Buck The Trend (Spaniel Cocker) 35pts
22nd Brennan's Kerrijoy Cierzo Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 30pts
          Johns and Barton's GB Ch Auldhelm Absolutely (Portuguese Water Dog) 30pts
          Laverty's Sh Ch Laveris Watchme Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 30pts
          O'Donoghue's Sh Ch Philipstown Atlantic Breeze (Retriever Labrador) 30pts
26th Brennan's Kerrijoy Sirocco Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 25pts
         Byrne & Stewart's Sh Ch Zenevieva Mister Bojangles For Whistler Jun Ch (Retriever Golden) 25pts
         Huston & Arrell's Hustonia Adonis Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 25pts
         Knapp's Sh Ch & Int Ch Calvdale Carte Blanche (Spaniel English Springer) 25pts
         Rance's Weemaes Pipers Piping At Mayfred (Spaniel Irish Water) 25pts
31st Henesey's Swantonwood Lowry At Wrensmead (Retriever Flat Coated) 20pts
         McEntee-O'Sullivan & O'Sullivan's Baysway Dentelle Noire Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 20pts
         Moran's Sh Ch Woodmore Ringo Starr Jun Ch (Retriever Golden) 20pts
         Murray's Sh Ch Riverrun Caution To The Wind (Retriever Chesapeake Bay) 20pts
         Wylie's Loughbrae Argento (Retriever Labrador) 20pts
36th Armstrong & South's Roslieve Mr Darcs Jun Ch (Retriever Labrador) 15pts
         Baldwin's Sh Ch & Int Sh Ch Kilivory Derby Lad Jun Ch (Spaniel Cocker) 15pts
         Cummins' Cummac Soda Pop (Retriever Golden) 15pts
         McEntee-O'Sullivan & O'Sullivan's Joneva Ferdia At Baysway (Spaniel Cocker) 15pts
         Halpin's Redfrith Gift Wrapped For Moonlone Jun Ch (Spaniel Welsh Springer) 15pts
         Huston's Hustonia Bombay Bumble (Spaniel Cocker) 15pts
         Knapp's Templecarrig Sky High Jun Ch (Spaniel English Springer) 15pts
         Merry & Wright's Anacapa Justjack (Spaniel English Springer) 15pts
         Murray's Ch & GB Ch Riverrun Agus Avic (Retriever Chesapeake Bay) 15pts
         O'Donoghue's Philipstown Madison (Retriever Labrador) 15pts
         Phillips' Ch Crunchcroft Mastermind (Kooikerhondje) 15pts
         Rees' Thurbajen's Flighty Fennel With Eremos (Retriever Labrador) 15pts
48th Brennan's Trimere Turning Point At Kerrijoy (Spaniel English Springer) 10pts
         Dummett's Almondsbury Paninaro (Spaniel American Cocker) 10pts
         Eyeington's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Meadowdale Chaos (Spaniel English Springer) 10pts
         Glynn's Wenark Diva Fever At Westlow Jun Ch (Spaniel English Springer) 10pts
         Hancock's Ch, Sh Ch & Int Ch Ballyhenry Hancourt Yeats Jun Ch (Retriever Labrador) 10pts
         McGookin's Sh Ch Junior King Brown Flymystery Jun Ch (Spaniel American Cocker) 10pts
         Mc Guire Foulby Paddy O'Riley (Spaniel Irish Water) 10pts
         McNeill's Ballyhenry Tyme To Jive At Cashallie Jun Ch (Retriever Labrador) 10pts
         Shaw and Toman's Sh Ch Talard Stars N'Stripes In Broconnell (Retriever Labrador) 10pts
         South's Zephan Magic Girl At Roslieve (Retriever Labrador) 10pts
         Westwood's Sh Ch & GB Sh Ch Eusanit Apple Of One's Eye (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) 10pts