Group 10 - GAIN Topdog
Result to Dublin Show
1st  Cuthbert & Minogue's Ch & Int Ch Donskoi Asmodey (Borzoi) 210pts

2nd Appleby, Minchin, Edwards & Mulvaney's Ch Davashey To Tell The Truth Jun Ch (Afghan Hound) 205pts 

3rd  Mooney's Ch & Int Ch Rosslyn Quartet Jun Ch (Deerhound) 145pts

4th  Clarke's Lady Rose Of Shantamon (Irish Wolfhound) 140pts

5th  Bollard O.Callaghan Ch, GB & Int Ch Ashahni Amir (Afghan Hound) 125pts

6th  Bollard O.Callaghan Ashahni Celtic Fire Jun Ch (Afghan Hound) 110pts

7th  Wade's Ch & Int Ch Turigner Wind In The Willows Jun Ch (Italian Greyhound) 100pts

8th  Tomasovicova's Ch Bloody Mary Tullamore Good Stuff (Irish Wolfhound) 85pts

9th  Ritchie-Smith's Oakbark My Miracle (Whippet) 80pts

10th Coulter & Fletcher's Ch Collooney Swings Both Ways Jun Ch (Whippet) 75pts

11th Cuthbert & Matthews' Donskoi Blestkiy (Borzoi) 70pts

12th Hunter's Ch Mossbawnhill Crowd Appeal Jun Ch (Whippet) 65pts
13th Cuthbert and Matthews' Ailesbury Shadow Dancer Jun Ch (Whippet) 60pts
         Cuthbert and Matthews' Ch Courthill Catch A Shadow (Whippet) 60pts
         Robertson & O'Brien's Ch Sheol Golden Child (Whippet) 60pts
16th Dunne's Swala's Shi-Senti (Azawakh) 50pts
         Harbinson's Ch Ulmarra Moet And Chandon With Actolia Jun Ch (Saluki) 50pts
18th Coulter & Fletcher's Collooney Fire Fly (Whippet) 40pts
         Keelan's Ch Nightwind Tejas Two Step (Afghan Hound) 40pts
         Ritchie & Ritchie-Smith's Ch & GB Ch Demerlay Armabay Billie Jean (Whippet) 40pts
         Thompson's Ch Isla At Barnesmore Ad Honores Jun Ch (Greyhound) 40pts
         Thompson's Sobers Wrennah Of Barnesmore (Greyhound) 40pts
23rd Dunne's Ch Ruweis Tibr Jun Ch (Saluki) 35pts
          Finney's Ch & Int Ch Cuknocklong Henry Higgins Jun Ch (Irish Wolfhound) 35pts

25th Fahey & Shire's Ch Shokran Aquila (Saluki) 30pts

26th Ennis' Bellecotts Valentina (Italian Greyhound) 25pts
27th Albert's Simply Infatuated With Zancuda (Borzoi) 20pts
         Chadwick's Afterglow Jumping Rainbows Of Sofico (Afghan Hound) 20pts
         Hunter's Ch, GB & Int Mossbawnhill It's All Bout Me (Whippet) 20pts
         Langley & Thomas' Otrada Amur Zlatoyar At Zoribo (Borzoi) 20pts
         Sheehan's Ulmarra Belle Epoque (Saluki) 20pts
         Thompson's Barnesmore Fire Wolf Of Phinjani (Whippet) 20pts
33rd Clarke's Ch Rhea Of Shantamon (Irish Wolfhound) 15pts
          Fox's Hydebeck Imperial Vision (Irish Wolfhound) 15pts
          Guban's Ch Dober-Kopp Vasco De Gama Jun Ch (Borzoi) 15pts
          Kanoo's Nibrass Golden Saylah (Borzoi) 15pts
          Ritchie & Smith's Play A While Before The Rains At Gwendariff (Whippet) 15pts
          Ritchie-Smith's Se Ch Play A While Bang (Whippet) 15pts
          Tomasovicova's Kill Bill Roan Inish (Irish Wolfhound) 15pts
40th Ennis' McGlenegles Flyer (Italian Greyhound) 10pts
         Ryan's Ch Mandajors Hot Anaheim Jun Ch (Deerhound) 10pts
         Thompson's Barnesmore Peaches 'N' Cream (Whippet) 10pts
         Thompson's Barnesmore Wizard King (Whippet) 10pts